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Explain five reasons why Samori Toure resisted the French for so long.

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  1. He wanted to maintain his independence from the French interference.
  2. He wanted to protect his gold fields especially the Bure mines from French exploitation.
  3. He wanted to retain his authority as a leader i.e. as Al-Imam, a title he adopted in1874
  4. He wanted to protect his trade which earned him revenue to purchase arms and ammunitions.
  5. He wanted to safeguard Islam from Christian influence/He was fighting a holy war (Jihad).
  6. He had a strong army and weapons thus had confidence in his army.
  7. He wanted to preserve Mandinka culture.
  8. He was unhappy with French’s activities of selling arms to his enemies like Tiebba of Sikasso.
  9. He wanted to protect the Mandinka land from European occupation.
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