Introduction to Oral Literature - English Oral Literature Notes

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  • Oral literature, sometimes called orature, verbal arts or oral tradition is a spoken, acted or performed art whose medium is words. It is passed on from one generation to the other by word
    of mouth.

Functions of Oral Literature

  1. for entertainment
  2. To create self-awareness—oral literature makes us understand ourselves.
  3. Oral literature teaches us about our history and this enables us to understand and interpret it.
  4. The teaching of Oral literature promotes nation building and intercultural understanding, thus helping creating harmony in a nation.
  5. Oral literature sharpens and develops language skills such as speech, listening, creativity, wit etc.

Forms of Oral Literature

Oral literature is categorized into three main forms

  1. Narratives.
  2. Songs.
  3. Short forms.
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