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  • I'm so happy because you have added revision question and I thank you very much, please continue adding many questions and answers and exam revision papers for all terms. May God bless you all, thank you for your help!
    Simon Loki Student
  • The app is so good that u can revise with an interruption of network because it doesn't require any data to access
    Nasri Hussein Student
  • The notes are so detailed and well arranged. Revision papers and KCSE papers are also available for the revision part .This app is really great . It sure has ads and all but once you subscribe you can use it conveniently
    Ahlam Aleeley Student
  • Awesome, it contains every resourceful information that a learner or a teacher needs. I really appreciate the work of EasyElimu unlike other platform though it requires a subscription which is even low than 50bob keep up by producing more questions and prediction for KCSE merci beaucoup
    Rex Kabiso Student
  • You guys are the best you totally fulfilled my expectations. I really like this app cause 1:Subjects are well presented 2:The notes range from Form 1 to 4. This app really helps especially to a person who does not have study books.
    Faith Mwande Student

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