Chemistry Form 1 Summarized Notes (5)

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Chemistry notes form 1 introduction 1

Topic 1: Introduction to Chemistry - Form 1 Chemistry Summarized Notes

  • Topic Review
    • Matter
    • Separation of mixture
    • Metals and non metals
    • conductors and non-conductors of electricity
    • Drugs and Drug Abuse
  • Chemistry and the Society
    • Definition of chemistry and its role in the society
  • Chemistry laboratory
    • Apparatus
    • The Bunsen Burner
    • Safety in the Laboratory
    • Laboratory Safety Rules.

Topic 2: Simple Classification of Substances - Form 1 Chemistry Revision Notes

  • Types of Mixtures
    • Solutions/solid-liquid dissolved mixture
    • Suspension/ precipitates/solid-liquid mixture which do not dissolve
    • Miscibles /Liquid-liquid mixtures
    • Immiscibles/Liquid-liquid mixtures
    • Solid-solid mixtures/Alloys
    • Common alloys of metal.
  • Methods of separating mixtures
    • Decantation
    • Filtration
    • Evaporation
    • Distillation
    • Fractional distillation
    • Separation of immiscibles (Using a separating funnel)
    • Sublimation/deposition
    • Chromatography
    • Solvent extraction
    • Crystallization
  • Physical/Temporary and Chemical changes
    • Heating ice
    • Examples of Physical and Chemical Processes

Topic 3: Air and Combustion - Form 1 Chemistry Revision Notes

  • The Atmosphere
    • To find the composition of air supporting combustion using a candle stick
    • To find the composition of active part of air using heated copper turnings.
    • To find the composition of active part of air using alkaline pyrogallol
    • To establish the presence of carbon (IV) oxide in air using lime water
  • Oxygen
    • Occurrence
    • School laboratory preparation.
    • Uses of Oxygen
  • Chemical properties of Oxygen /combustion
    • Reaction of metals with Oxygen/air
    • Reaction of non metals with Oxygen/air
    • Reactivity series/competition for combined Oxygen.

Topic 4: Water and Hydrogen - Form 1 Chemistry Revision Notes

  • Water
    • Tests for Presence of Water
    • Burning a candle in air
    • Water pollution
    • Reaction of water with metals
  • Hydrogen
    • Occurrence
    • School laboratory Preparation
    • Properties of Hydrogen gas
    • Water as an Oxide of Hydrogen
    • Uses of Hydrogen gas

Topic 5: Acids, Bases and Indicators - Form 1 Chemistry Revision Notes

  • Introduction to Acids, Bases and Indicators
  • Properties of acids
    • Physical properties of acids
    • Chemical properties of acids

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