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What social media platforms are you on?

We are on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

How much does a past paper cost?

A past paper with questions and answers costs Ksh50/-

Can I access the papers offline?

Yes, you can. The papers can be downloaded into PDF format

How much do notes cost?

Notes cost Ksh50/- per paper

What are the charges for students?

For students the charges range between Ksh200 weekly, Ksh500/- monthly and Ksh1000/- yearly

What are the charges for teachers?

For teachers the charges are either Ksh750/- monthly or Ksh2000/- yearly

How do I make payment?

Payments can be made via M-Pesa Till Number 738874

How do i use the Easy Elimu app?

To use the app, you first download it from Play Store. Then you create an account and log in. Afterwards, pick your preferred package and proceed to access the content

Can i change my subscription?

Yes you can. If you would like to upgrade your package, you can easily do so on the app
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What does our community say about us?

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