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Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE 2011) English Paper 1

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  1. Your Drama Club is organizing to stage a performance of Henrik Ibsen's play, An Enemy of the People. You are inviting neighboring schools and the general public to the event.
    1. Write the notice announcing the event and inviting other schools and the public to attend. (8 marks)
    2. In not more than 200 words, write a synopsis of the play to accompany the notice. (12 marks)

  2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the appropriate word.
    As you think about different aspects that go ____1______ your persona, it is important to ____2____ your best traits and recognise the ______3_______ you may have been taking for granted all ___4____. Doing this will provide a foundation of confidence that serves as a ____5____ to connect you to other people.

    _____6_______ your appearance is what makes people curious to get to know you, your presence is what makes them to respond to you. Your presence is your energy, your spirit and your aura. It includes ______7______ those qualities that help you bond with another human being. It starts with your eye contact then moves to your listening skills as well as the extent to which you are engaged in a conversation. Some people are _____8_______ there, giving 100 percent; others give 20 percent at _____9_____ because their minds are elsewhere.

    Eye contact is an _____10_____ powerful tool. So long as you are making eye contact while talking, the topic is not likely to matter much.

    Adapted from Love Smart by Dr. Phil, McGraw (2006). Simon and Schuter, UK Ltd.

    1. Against each of the following sentences, indicate whether you would end with rising or falling intonations. (5 marks)
      1. You actually saw the pyramids? _________________________
      2. My younger sister has identical twins. _____________________
      3. Why did you oversleep? _______________________________
      4. Could I come with you, please? __________________________
      5. What a tragic experience that was! _______________________

    2. Read the following poem and then answer the questions. 

      Lazybones, let's go to the farm
         Sorry, I've got an headache
      Lazybones, let's go pounding grain
         Sorry, my leg isn't right
      Lazybones, let's go fetch firewood
         Sorry, my hands are hurting
      Lazybones, come and have some food
         Hold on, let me wash my hands!

      (From the Oral Poetry from Africa. Complied by Mapanje and White. Longman Group, U.K)

      1. How would you say Lazybones' responses in lines 2, 4 and 6? Give reasons . (3 marks)
      2. If you were performing this poem, how would you say the last line? (2 marks)
      3. Provide another word that has the same pronunciation as the following words: (3 marks)
        some : ...........................................................
        right: .............................................................
        come: ..............................................................

    3. Apart from the voice, what else would you use to capture and maintain an audience's attentio when delivering a speech? Explain. (6marks)

    4. Read the dialogue below and then answer the question that follows.

      JUMA: Do you know? I think the new law will transform our society.

      OWINO: Juma, you can't argue like that. You sound like somebody from ...

      JUMA: I don't want to argue with you anyway. How can i stoop so low. You are unlikely to comprehend my point.

      OWINO: You see. You are rude and unrefined.

      JUMA: And you, of course, have such fine manners!
               What’s wrong with what I said?

      OWINO: A document of mere legislation cannot transform a society.
                  It's the people who must change their thinking and demonstrate a willingness to make things better.

      JUMA: But the new law provides guidelines that will put us on the right path.
               It's like a compass. If we follow it, we won't get distracted ...

      OWINO: You have made your point.

      JUMA: I give up. Every word you say confirms that I shouldn't be talking to you.

      Expalin the features that make the conversation between Juma and Owino ineffective. (6 marks)

    5. Underline the part (syllable) where the stress falls in each of the following words. (5 marks)

      1. descent
      2. contest (verb)
      3. discuss
      4. friendly
      5. present (noun)
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