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  1. Functional Writing (20 marks)
    You have just graduated from the university after pursuing your dream course. It is no mean feat because your life since childhood has been marked by multiple challenges which you have however, conquered successfully. Email your autobiography to a publisher.
    Fill in each of the blank spaces in the passages below with the most appropriate word
    Children who show no interest in others welfare 1____________ engage in pronounced anti-social behaviours are usually 2 _____________ by peers. They may experience serious psychological problems especially during adolescence. Studies have established that children who are altruistic are likely to feel 3 ___________ about their lives than 4 _________ who are selfish. Altruism leads to satisfaction and competence. 5_____________, altruistic children become very popular and this nurtures a feeling of self worth. Altruistic behaviour also benefits groups. This 6____________ be attributed to the fact that children working 7 ___________ groups focus on what benefits the team as opposed to paying attention to individual’s weakness. An altruistic orientation makes children do 8__________ best, saves time and produces good grades. The development of altruistic traits can also be influenced by environment. This could include television, radio or even caretakers. 9___________children in the modern world is not 10___________easy task and parents need to be equipped with skills that can work on children.
  1. ORAL SKILLS (30 marks)

    1. Read the following poem and then answer the questions that follow.
      There, I've got you,
      I've got you . . . Crack, crack,
      what a louse. It bit me,
      what a louse. . . It bit me,
      what a louse!
      (From: Oral literature in Africa, by Ruth Finnegan)
      1. Explain how rhythm is achieved in this poem (2 marks)
      2. How would you perform the above poem to make it enjoyable? (4 marks)
      3. Identify the words that you would stress in line 3, and explain why. (2 marks)

    2. Underline the silent letter (s) in the following words. (3mks)

    3. Which is the odd one out in the following groups of words based on the underlined sounds (3mks)
      1. beer bare bear pair
      2. tough giraffe dough   photograph
      3. honest honour heifer heir

    4. Read the following oral narrative and answer the questions that follow.
      One day, the chameleon and the donkey were arguing as to who could run faster than the other. The donkey said. ―You chameleon you are very old and tired. You can‘t compete with a man like me in a race. The chameleon replied, ―don‘t blow your own trumpet, I am not going to praise myself, but you know you can‘t defeat me in a race. We shall be equal. The race began and without donkey‘s knowledge, the chameleon jumped on the donkey‘s tail. they ran and ran, until the donkey was so tired until he stopped to rest, as soon as the donkey stopped, the chameleon jumped from the donkey‘s tail and said. ―Now my friend, are you any faster than I? No, now I know that you are a man, answered the poor donkey.

      1. What would you do to capture the attention of the audience before you begin to tell the story. (2mks)
      2. How would you make the narration of the indicted in bold effective. (4mks)
      3. Which word is pronounced the same as the word ―tail in the narrative?                             (1mk)

    5. Imagine you are the leader of a discussion group in class. How would you ensure that the discussion is fruitful?. (5mks)

    6. There were two candidates for an interview. One was successful while the other one was not.
      State and explain his or her conduct before the interview that could have made him or her to be successful. (4mks)


  1. Functional writing
    1. Format - 6 marks
    2. Functional Writing (20mks)
    3. Must be an autobiography and Email
    4. Format
    5. To :( e-mail address of recipient)(e.g.) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1mark
    6. From :( email address of sender 1mark Date :( e.g. 16 May, 2017) 1mark
    7. Subject: (e.g.) Autobiography [deny if interchanged] 1mark
    8. Body (prose)(Autobiography) ½mark
    9. Name of sender. ½mark
    10. Body Should mention Title and Name of author 2 marks Should give a detailed account of his/ her life 7 marks Date and place of birth 1m; education 2m (must mention primary, secondary and university; challenges 2m; breakthroughs 2m Reasons why autograph should be published (at least 2) 2marks
    11. A spelling, cohesion, word choice, tone, phraseology
    12. A 4
    13. B 3
    14. C 2
    15. D 1
      A student can write an E-mail and attach the autobiography.
  2. QUESTION 2 ; (CLOZE TEST) 10 marks
    1. or / and
    2. rejected /despised/hated./shunned
    3. better
    4. those
    5. Consequently (must start with a capital letter)
    6. can
    7. in
    8. their
    9. Raising (must start with a capital letter)
    10. an
      1. Repetition 1mk I've got you / I've got you . . . It bit me, what a louse / etc. any correct example - 1 mark
      2. Use of gestures1mk e.g. pointing at 'I got you'; squeezing thumbs together at 'crack, crack' / any other appropriate gestures 1mk (must be tied to the poem) = 2 marks
      3. Use of facial expressions 1mk e.g. frown when saying 'it bit me'/ open eyes threateningly when saying 'I've got you 1mk / = 2 marks
      4. Tonal variation - say 'There, I got you' in a loud bold voice, and 'it bit me' in a 'soft irritated or annoyed manner. / Stress words such as 'bit', 'crack', 'you', etc. expect any 2 points = 2 × 2 = 4 marks
      5. bit, what, louse = they carry the meaning of the line /content words /any appropriate explanation crack - repeated words (1 mark identification, 1 mk explain
    2. Sword
      ½ x6 =3 NB/ The candidate must underline the silent letter
    3. beer
      1. -Ask a relevant question to the audience eg who is faster between a donkey and a chameleon
        - Sing an appropriate /related song.
        - Give an appropriate proverb /riddle or puzzle
        - Clap to attract attention
        - Clear your throat /voice
        - Whistling
        - Call the name of one of the people in the audience. Any two x 1 = 2mks
      2. – Use an authoritative arrogant tone to show the donkey‘s confidence
        - Raise your voice towards the end of the sentence
        - Demonstrate donkey pointing at the chameleon threateningly
        - Show a bright face of confidence arrogance (Accept any 2 verbal and two non-verbal appropriately illustrated)
      3. Tale
    5. I would:
      Be a good listener
      Allow everyone to have his/her say
      Allow members to take turns in speaking
      Interrupt politely
      acknowledge other people‘s points even if 1 don‘t agree with them(1x5=5marks
    6. The successful candidate must have done the following
      - Prepared adequately before coming for the interview.
      - Read something about the place or institution that he/she was being interviewed.
      - Was properly dressed/groomed
      - Arrived in time for the interview
      - Carried all the required documents.
      - Had documents that were genuine


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