English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Kapsabet Mocks 2020/2021

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  1. You are the secretary of the COVID-19 Awareness Club which was introduced in your school recently. The club has just held a meeting. Four members attended, one member informed the chairperson of his unavailability, and two members never turned up. The teacher on duty and the patron of the club also attended. During the meeting the issue of inviting a health worker was revisited. Members also discussed the following issues: purchase of masks for needy students, fumigation of dormitories and sensitizing other students on adherence to safety measures.

    Write down the minutes of the meeting. (20marks)

  2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word. (10 marks)

    In a culture that sings the praises of individual gold medals and where ..1.. person fights for rights instead of ..2.. on taking responsibility, people tend to lose sight of the big picture. ..3.. fact, some people seem to believe that ..4.. are the entire picture: Everything revolves around their needs, their goals and their ..5.. . I saw a message on their T-shirts that expresses the ..6.. well: “My idea of a team is a whole lot of people doing what I tell them to do.” A team isn’t supposed to be a bunch of people being used as a tool ..7.. one individual for selfish gain. Members of a team must have mutually beneficial shared goals. They must be ..8.. to work together, not manipulated by someone for ..9.. glory. Anyone who is accustomed to pulling together people and using them to benefit only ..10.. isn’t a team builder; he’s a dictator.

    Adapted from: The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, John C. Maxwell.

    1. Study the poem below and answer the questions that follow: (7 marks)

      Within my temple there’s a crowd
      There’s one that’s humble and there’s one that’s proud
      There’s one that’s broken hearted for his sins
      And one who unrepentant, sits and grins
      There’s one who loves his neighbor as himself.

      (Adapted from “Every day with Jesus” by Selwyn Hughes)
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme in this poem and state what it does. (3 marks)
      2. Apart from rhyme, identify another feature that would make this poem easy to recite. (2 marks)
      3. Identify any two words that you would stress in line four. Explain your answer. (2 marks)
    2. Read the story below and answer the questions that follows. (5 marks)

      A long time ago, there was a child who used to trouble his parents at night by crying. The mother tried to stop him from crying but in vain. Then, the mother warned the child and said, “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll throw you out to the wizard!” But the child kept on crying. When the mother could stand it no longer, she stood up and threw the child outside. Unfortunately, there was a wizard who was listening outside and picked the child up and ran with him. Suddenly, the father realized that the child’s cries were dying away. He stood up, took his panga and went after the wizard. When the wizard heard the footsteps following him, he quickly placed the child in the fork of a tree nearby and ran away. From that day, the child never cried again.
      1. Illustrate any two features that show that this is an oral narrative. (2 marks)
      2. If you were performing this story, how would you say the words of the mother to the troublesome child? (2 marks)
      3. If you were the story teller, how would you say the last sentence. (1 mark)
    3. Classify the words below according to the sound of the ‘s’ letter in boldface. An example of each of the sounds represented has been given. (3 marks)

      Bask phase vision
      Wise scale advise
      Prise leisure measure
      Usual dynasty bass
      /s/ /z/ /3/
      Bask phase measure

    4. Your school Drama Club plans to present a play in the forth coming drama festival. They are having a dress rehearsal for the rest of the school so as to get some feedback.

      Give three things that the audience needs to pay attention to. (3 marks)
    5. For each of the following letters provide a word in which the letter is silent. (5 marks)
      1. c
      2. m
      3. d
      4. s
      5. z
    6. The form four class has decided to watch a performance of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House at the Theatre in Eldoret. The class has sent two prefects to negotiate with the principal for permission and financial support. They will travel and be back on the same day.

      Taking into account the principles of good negotiation skills, complete the following conversation by filling in the blank spaces.

      Principal: Come in please. Good morning Tom and Jack.
      Tom and Jack:.... (1 mark)
      Principal: Well, what can I do for you?
      Tom:.... (1mark)
      Principal: The school does not have a budget for this activity. So maybe you shouldn’t go.
      Jack: ....(1 mark)
      Principal: Well, I’ll talk to your teacher of English separately. I can give you the school bus, but it seats only 40 and the two streams have a total of 80 students. There is need to hire another bus. Have you worked out the total budget?
      Tom:....(1 mark)
      Principal: You need Ksh. 8,000/= for lunch and Ksh. 6,000/= for hiring an extra bus. But don’t forget we will need another Ksh. 3,000/= to fuel the school bus. This gives us a total of Ksh. 17,000/=. I don’t have that kind of money.
      Jack: .....(1 mark)
      Principal: Well, if you are going to buy your own lunch that leaves us with a balance of Ksh. 9,000. You really can’t do better than that?
      Jack:.... (1 mark).
      Principal: Okay, the matter is settled. The school is giving you Ksh.4,000. I will also give the teacher who will accompany you an imprest for lunch.
      Tom and Jack:.... (1 mark)

Marking Scheme

    1. Heading. -H1
      Expect the following:
      • Nature of meeting (COVID-19).
      • Time.
      • Venue.
      • Date.
    2. List of attendance.
      Includes the following:
      • Members present. ½
      • Absent with Apology ½
      • Absent ½
      • In attendance. ½
      • Agenda (optional).
      • A list of items of agenda (N1 for correct numbering).
    3. Actual minutes.
      • Preliminaries. 1
      • Confirmation of minutes. 1 
      • Matters arising (invitation of a health worker) 1
        • Discussion.
        • Resolution.
      • Purchase of masks.
        • Discussion.
        • Resolution.
      • Fumigation of dormitories.
        • Discussion.
        • Resolution.
      • Sensitization.
        • Discussion.
        • Resolution.
      • AOB
      • Adjournment.
      • Provision for confirmation and signing (1 mark).

        - Heading H1
        - List of attendance A2
        - Correct numbering N1
        - Sequencing S1
        - Provision for signing. PS1
        - Content C6
        - Language L8
        Total 20 marks
  2. CLOZE TEST (10 marks)
    1. a
    2. focusing
    3. In
    4. they
    5. desires
    6. attitude
    7. by
    8. motivated
    9. individual
    10. himself
      1. aa bbc regular (2 marks)
        - To enhance rhythm. (1 mark) for any one function.
        - Creates musicality.
        - Enhances memorability.
      2. repetition of words and phrases.
        - There’s one that’s …
        - There’s one …
        - And one
        - Consonance – sits grins
        - Assonance – sits grins his sins
        - Alliteration – there’s that’s
        - Metre – presence of strong and weak.
        Stresses that produce rhythm.
        - The lines are basically of the same length.
        - The lines are simple and the language is not difficult.
        - Award 2 marks for any one of the features, 1-mark identification, 1-mark illustration.
      3. unrepentant, sits, grins (1 mark)
        They are content words that carry the meaning, they bring out the rebellious or stubborn nature of the subject. (1 mark)
        Award 1 mark for any two words and 1 mark for explanation.
      1. - opening formulae- Along time ago. (2 marks)
        - Closing formulae – from that day.
        - Use of dialogue – “If you don’t stop crying….”
        Award 2 marks, ½ mark for identification ½ mark for illustration.
      2. The first part with a pause and a raised voice with a stern, serious facial expression.
        - With a pointing gesture.
        - The second part with a falling intonation.
        1 mark for a verbal cue and 1 mark for a non-verbal cue.
      3. With a pause in the first part, waving hand(s).
        Say the second part in a falling intonation to indicate finality/ the end of the story.
    3. /s/ /z/ /3/ (3 marks)
      scale wise usual
      dynasty prise leisure
      bass advise vision

      NB: -If example appears in the answer circle them and do not award.
      - Award 1 mark for three correct words.
      - If 2 of the first 3 words are correct award ½ mark.
      - Where more than 3 are listed draw a line and mark the first 3.
      - If one word is correct no mark.

    4. - Voice projection/audibility. (3 marks)
      - Clear articulation of words/enunciation.
      - Clear pronunciation of words.
      - Tempo/pace should be appropriate.
      - Correct tone of voice.
      - Appropriate facial expression.
      - Right gestures accompanying the performance.
      - The right accompaniments e.g. right props, proper costume.
      - award 1 mark for each correct answer.
      - Accept both verbal and non-verbal. If all 3 are verbal deny 1 mark and vice versa.
      1. c – scent, scene, scissors, crescent, descend, descent, disciple, fascinate, muscle, obscene, fluorescent, resuscitate, transcend.
      2. m – mnemonic.
      3. d – badge, edge, handkerchief, handsome, bridge, ledger, sandwich, Wednesday grandmother.
      4. s – aisle, debris, island, isle, patios, viscount, apropos, bourgeois.
      5. z – chez, rendezvous, laissez-faire. (5 marks)
        NB: Award 1 mark for each correct word. The spelling must be correct. Other words with silent m are: mneme, mnemic, mnemonical, mnemonically, mnemonist, mnemotechnic, mnemotechnically, mniaceae.

    6. Tom and Jack: Good morning Sir. (1 mark)
      Tom: The form four class has sent us to you sir. They would like to watch a performance of A Doll’s House at the theatre in Eldoret on 11th December. We need your permission and financial support. (1mark)
      Jack: But sir, we feel that watching the performance will enhance our understanding of it. Our teacher of English has told us as much. (1mark)
      Tom: We have found out that hiring an extra bus would cost Ksh. 6,000/=. Our lunch will cost Ksh. 8, 000/= about Ksh. 100 per student. (1mark)
      Jack: Sir, the students are willing to pay for their own lunch. The performance is from 11:00am to 2:00pm. We should be back by 7:00pm for supper. (1mark)
      Jack: Well, maybe we can raise Ksh.5,000. Would that help? (1mark)
      Tom and Jack: Thank you sir. We will take back the good news. (1mark

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