CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Mang'u Mock 2020 Exam

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Instructions to candidates

  • The paper consists of SIX questions. Answer any FIVE questions
    1. Outline the Psalmists prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah (6mks)
    2. State the differences between the work of John the Baptist and that of Jesus (8mks)
    3. Give six reasons why children should take part in church activities (6mks)
    1. Narrate the healing of the centurions servant (Luke 7: 1-10) (7mks)
    2. Outline the lessons learnt by Christmas from the commissioning of the twelve disciples(7mks)
    3. Identify three incidents Jesus, used to illustrate faith and humility (LK 9:37 -50)(6mks)
    1. Describe the parable of the lost son (Lk 15: 11-32) (7mks)
    2. Relate the parable of the wicked tenants.(LK 20:9-18)(7mks)
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from Jesus cleansing of the temple.(LK19: 41-48)(6mks)
    1. Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the image of the bride (Revelation 21: 1-12) (6mks)
    2. State reasons why the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the early church(7mks)
    3. In what ways do Christians in Kenya demonstrate the New Testament teaching on unity (7mks)
    1. Outline the Christian teaching on the family (7mks)
    2. State the problems facing children engaged in child labour (6mks)
    3. Identify seven possible solutions to drug and alcohol abuse in Kenya (7mks)
    1. Explain the significance of five life skills to Christians today (5mks)
    2. Identify social roles a Christian ought to play to transform the society (7mks)
    3. What are arguments given by Christians against cloning (8mks)


    1. Outline the psalmist prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah
      • The Lord would be betrayed by a bosom/ close friend with whom they would share bread
      • He would rule Zion
      • He would be honoured by God and rule as his representative om earth
      • He would enjoy Gods protection and victory over his enemies
      • The Messiah will sit at the right hand of God -
      • He would be strengthened by God.
      • He would rule in the midst of his enemies.
    2. State the differences between the work of John the Baptist and that of Jesus.
      • John the Baptist preached mainly in the wilderness the desert of Judah while Jesus preached in the synagogues/homes/ cities towns/temples.
      • John the Baptist baptized with water while Jesus forgave their sins as well
      • John the Baptist baptized with water while Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit
      • John the Baptist life a Nazarite life while Jesus mixed freely with all people.
      • The emphasis of John the Baptist was on the promised Messiah while that of Jesus was about the Kingdom of God.
      • John's message was direct whereas Jesus preached in parables
      • While John the Baptist's disciples fasted the disciples of Jesus ate and drunk
      • John the Baptist didn't perform miracles but Jesus ministry was full of miracles.
    3. Give 6 reasons why Children should take part in church activities
      • They are made in the image of God To follow the example of Jesus who went to the synagogue/ temple
      • To prepare them for future roles as leaders
      • To teach them religious beliefs practices
      • To lay foundation for Christian morals and at an early age Jesus taught that the Kingdom belongs to them He appreciated/blessed children
      • For the continued growth of the church
      • To help develop/improve their talents
      • To give them an opportunity to socialize with others To help them spend their leisure positives.
    1. Narrate the Healing of the centurions servant
      • A conturion has a slave who was deaf to him and he was sick to the point of death
      • He sent elders of the Jews to Jesus asking him to come and heal his slave.
      • The elders when they came to Jesus they begged him to go and hool his servant saying that the centurion loves the Jews and had built of them a synagogue Jesus accompanied them to centurion home When Jesus was not far from the house the centurion sont friends to him saying that, he should not bother to visit his house for he was not worthy to be visited by Jesus, but he only needed to issue a command and his servant would be healed. When Jesus heard this he marveled at his faith and said that he had not found a man of such great faith not even in Israel. When those he had sent returned to him they found the servant had healed.
    2. Outline lessons learnt by Christians from the commissioning of the 12 disciples.
      • Jesus has equally called Christians to be His apostles/preach and expand the Kingdom Christians should be willing to support those engaged in missionary work Christians should be ready to offer selfless services to the society when its required of them. Christians should be ready to leave everything behind and fulfill Gods calling Christians should be ready to face resistance rejection of the sake of God but remain steadfast in faith. Christians should trust in god to provide for all their needs once their embarks - Christians have been appointed by Christ hence have power and authority over the death.
    3. Identify 3 incidents Jesus used to illustrate faith and humility. Lk. 9:37 - 50
      • The healing of the epileptic boy. - failed to heal boy because they lacked faith he was healed because he had total faith in God
      • The second prediction of the passion of Jesus Christ. Jesus great humility showed man ready to suffer The disciples dispute about greatness
      • Gods kingdom characterized by humility simple and service to others. Be like children
      • The exertion by believer - God can use anyone to fulfill his mission provided they have faith. 
    1. Describe the parable of the lost son
      • Man had 2 sons, the younger one asked for his share/ inheritance.
      • The father divided his living between them
      • The younger son later took all he had and journeyed to a far country where he squandered his property on loose living.
      • A great famine arose-he began to be in worry Went to the feeds to feed swinel pigs and would have gladly fed on swine food He came to himself-wondered how much his father's servants had to spare
      • He said he would go back to the father, repent and want to be treated like one of the servants He went to the father and while far off, father had compassion, embraced him, and kissed him as he repented Father ordered for best tobe, ring, shoes and made him wear.
      • He ordered for fatted calf, killed it and they made merry. Elder son heard music and dancing and inquiring was told it was about the younger brother Elder brother refused to go on and complained bitterly that he had served faithfully and the father had never given even a kind to celebrate And yet the son who had devoured his living with harlots was made a party
      • The father replied that all that was his fate was elder sons-but the younger son was lost and now found, 50 reason to make merry.
    2. Relate the parable of the wicked tenants (Uk. 20:9-18)
      • A man planted a vineyard and let it out to tenants and went to another country in a long while When time came or harvest he sent a servant to the tenants but the tenants beat him and sent him away empty handed,
      • Sent a third, this they wounded and cast out Owner decided to send his beloved son.
      • It may be they will respect him The tenants said to themselves this is the heir let us kill him that the inheritance may be ours
      • They cast him out of the vineyard and killed him
      • The owner of the vineyards will come and destroy those tenants and gave the vineyard to others Scribes and chief priest god forbid but Jesus said the stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner Scribes and chief priests wanted to lay hands on him but they feared the people.
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from Jesus cleansing of the temple
      • We should respect the house of God and use it appropriately.
      • We should advocate for the proper use of churches
      • We should be courageous like Jesus Christ and condemn and stop evil practices conducted by some of our Icadors.
      • We should not exploit other people eg by asking for excessive contributions in our churches
      • Christians should pay more attention to improve righteousness than external observance of rituals.
      • Christians should avoid issues and activities that subject the church to disrespect and distract.
    1. Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the image of the bride (Rev. 21:1-12)
      • Christians are the bride and the New Jerusalem is married to Christ.
      • Christ is the divine bridegroom who seeks his bride Christians love to enter into a covenant relationstrip with Him.
      • Their marriage will be lifelong union where there will be peace no suffering or death
      • There will be peace and happiness forever.
      • Christians should prepare theraselves to receive Christ who will return for his bride the church.
      • During the final establishment of the kingdom God will take all believers the bride to the new home, heaven where they will live in harmony and love.
      • Believers must obey God and do his will in order to be
      • rewarded with etemal life.
    2. State reasons why the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the early church
      • The people who had the gifts of speaking in tongues despised those who did not have There was competition in speaking in tongues
      • There was no interpretation of tongues, hence messages were not understood.
      • People did not show love to one another as they used gifts of the Holy Spirit.
      • There was disorder, confusion in worship as people with different gifts tried to outdo one another.
      • People did not use their gifts for the growth development of the church.
      • Gifts such as prophecy/ teaching were looked down upon.
    3. In what ways do Christians in Kenya demonstrate the New Testament teaching on unity?
      • Christians meet for prayers fellowship together
      • They observe a day of worship to honour God
      • They share the Holy Communion/ meals
      • They help those who are poorl needy
      • They solve problems affecting church members
      • They hold joint crusades/ rallies
      • They cooperate by providing Christian programmes in the mass medial resource materials
      • They speak in one voice to condemna evil in society.
    1. Outline the Christian teaching on the family
      • The family was divinely instituted by God so its sacred
      • Its founded on monogamous marriage
      • A Christian family is bound by mutual love and understanding and submission
      • Both husband and wife should fulfill their conjugal rigl is towards each other.
      • Christian families exhibit the qualities of love, kindness. Forgiveness and gentleness.
      • Children should obey parents because this is what pleases God.
      • Parents have a duty to their children e.g discipline/ teach/not provoke them A family should be a religious centre (form a basis for spiritual development)
      • In a Christian family everybody should be taken care of
    2. State problems facing children engaged in child labour
      • Long working hours with no compensation for extra time worked.
      • Underpayment and exploitation / they are alternative source of labour
      • Some children are exposed to sexual abuse/ commercial sex.
      • Verbal abuse/ outdated/ insulted Some employes physically assault them
      • Risk of physical and psychological development/ retarded growth.
      • Children are deprived of their childhood potential and dignity.
    3. Identify seven possible solutions to drug and alcohol abuse in Kenya
      • Guidance and counseling to drug users
      • Enforcement of laws against drug and alcohol use
      • Providing preventive education
      • Encouraging healthy leisure and recreation activities
      • Parental guidancel adequate time to build character closely monitor children activities
      • Wise choice of friends/ fight negative peer pressure
      • Creation of job opportunities and provision of funds to finance business projects by the youth
      • Introduction of drag testing fits in school
      • Rehabilitation of the youth who suffer from drug addiction.
    1. Explain the significance of five life skills to Christians today
      • Critical thinking-enables one to analyze and make value judgment about situation.
      • Explore the possibilities of dong tasks in more than one way e.g. help challenged friends, doing things against the nom
      • Creative thinking-It involves coming up with new ways/ ideas of dealing with situations (imagination and thought.
      • May be used at home (cooking or in fiawer arrangement) can also be used to manage resources and preservation and conservation of environment.
      • Decision making - it involves making a choice among several options. It creates a just society. If good decisions are made in church, there will be peaceful co-existence and spiritual growth.
      • Self-esteem - Is the way we feel about ourselves how we respect/ admire ourselves when we feel confident, we achieve more in life e.g King David and Solomon believed in themselves hence achicved great success.
      • Assertiveness-Its a way of expressing one feelinge/ deserves open. Its knowing what you want and why. It implies expressing our views while respecting those of others, e.g Joseph was assertive and reused advances of Potifiers wife. He had to flee so as not to sin against God.
    2. Identify social roles Christian ought to play to transform the society
      • Care for the needy/destitute
      • Preaching the gospel to all people spiritual development
      • Offer medical services
      • Providing education and training facilities
      • Establishing counseling and rehabilitation centres
      • Provide recreational facilities to the youth
      • Fighting for the rights of the loss provided
      • Reducing the rate of crime
      • Promoting peace and unity
      • Increasing self-worth
      • Improving living standards/community projects
    3. What are the arguments given by Christians against cloning?
      • Its competing with God/ only god gives
      • Lowers human dignity (human-made things)
      • It goes against the purpose of creation and human reproduction
      • Risk of creating defomed persons/ it's an expert
      • Can lead to inheritance of failures/ weaknesses
      • May lead to mass production of wayward people c.g thieves, rapists, murders.
      • It destroys the uniqueness of people as have copies of themselve
      • God loves people regardless of their weaknesses Cloning disqualifies this fact by enhancing certain human features and spearheading extinction of others.
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