Chemistry Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Girl's High School Mock December 2020

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  1. Write your NAME and INDEX NUMBER in the space provided above
  2. Sign and write the date of examination in the spaces provided above
  3. Answer ALL the questions in the spaces provided
  4. ALL working must be clearly shown where necessary
  5. Mathematical tables and Silent electronic calculators may be used.
  6. This paper consists of 10 printed pages. Candidates should check to ensure that all pages are printed as indicated and NO questions are missing.


Question  Maximum Score  Candidate's Score 
 1  11  
 2  12  
 3  13  
 4  10  
 5  12  
 6  12  
 7  10  
Grand Score  80  



  1. An atom W is represented as;
    q1 jhgajgdya
    What does the number 52 represent? (1Mark)
  2. Study the information in the table below and answer the equations that follow (Letters do not represent the actual symbols of the elements)
    Element  Electronic 
    Arrangement of stable ion
    Atomic Radius
    lonic Radius 
     A  2.8.8  0.197  0.099
     B  2.8.8  0.099  0.181
     R  2.8  0.160  0.065
     V  2.8  0.186  0.095
     H  2  0.152  0.068
     K  2.8  0.072  0.136
    1. Write the formula of the compound formed when B and A reacts. (atomic numbers are A-20; B = 17) (1Mark)
    2. Name the type of bond formed in compound formed between element A and B (1Mark)
    3. Identify the elements which belong to the third period of the periodic table. (1Mark)
    4. Which of the element identified in b (ii) above comes first in the third period? Explain (2Marks)
    5. Select two elements which are non-metals (2Marks)
  3. Element X is found in period III and group IV. It consists of two isotopes 28X and QX. A sample of X was found to consist of 90% of 28X. If the relative atomic mass of X is 28.3, work out the number of neutrons in QX. (3Marks)


  1. State two ways in which nuclear reactions differ from ordinary chemical reactions (2Marks)
    Nuclear reactions Chemical reactions
  2. A radioactive substance emits three different particles. Give the symbol of the particle with the highest mass. (1 Mark)
    1. Find the values of Ra and Ry in the nuclear equation below (2 Marks)
      q2c mhgajygyjag
    2. What type of nuclear reaction is in represented in c (6) above? (1 Mark)
  4. Use the graph below to answer the questions that follow
    q2d mahgjdgajd
    Give the name of the:
    1. Process taking place between t0 and t1. (1Mark)
    2. Energy change that occurs between t3 and t4 (1Mark)
  5. The following is a part of Uranium decay series
    q2e jagydguaygd
    1. Which particles are emitted in step I and II (2Marks)
    2. If a beta particle is emitted in step III, determine the value of Z and AM (1Mark)
    3. If the activity of Thorium -234 is reduced to 25% in 48hours, determine its half-life (1Mark)

3. Study the scheme below and answer the questions that follow.
q3 hkgaj gjdga

  1. Identify X and Y and give their sources.
    X................  (1Mark) 
    Source........ (1Mark)
    Y................  (1Mark) 
    Source........ (1Mark)
  2. Name the substances
  3. Write chemical equation that shows;
    1. The formation of substance E and D (1 Mark)
    2. The reaction between substance C and copper metal. (1mark)
    3. Describe a chemical test for gas E. (2Marks)
  4. State one industrial use of gas B. (1Mark)
  5. State the optimum conditions for the production of ammonia gas. (2Marks)

4. The diagram below shows a set-up used to determine the standard electrode potential (Eθ) of Zinc
q4a khakuhdka

    1. Label parts A and B 
      A........ (1 Mark)
      B........(1 Mark)
      II. Identify substance C
      C........ (1 Marks)
    2. Write the equations of the reactions that take place at the electrodes; (2Marks)
      Anode : ............................................
      Cathode :  ............................................
  2. Study the standard electrode potentials given below and answer the questions that follow.
    The letters do not represent the actual symbols of the elements. Half reactions
    q4b kyihikzyhiucz
    1. Which is the
    2. 1. Strongest reducing agent. Explain (1Mark)
      II. Strongest oxidizing agent. Explain (1 Mark)
      (ii) Calculate the e.m.f of a cell made by metals S and V (1Mark)
  3. During electrolysis of an aqueous solution of a salt of metal Q, a current of 2.0A was passed for 32 minutes and 10 seconds. The mass of metal Q deposited was 2.24g (1 Faraday=96500c, RAM of Q=112)
    1. Calculate the quantity of electricity passed (1Mark)
    2. Calculate the charge carried on the ion of metal Q V (1Mark)

5. In an experiment to determine the heat of combustion of butanol, a student obtained the following data.

Volume of water = 400cm3
Initial temperature of water = 24.5°C
Final temperature of water = 33.5°C
Initial mass of lamp and butanol = 36.65g
Final mass of lamp = 33.85g
(Specific heat capacity = 4.25/g/K) (a)

  1. i. Write an equation for the combustion of butanol. (1Mark)
    ii. Calculate the number of moles of butanol burnt. (C=12, 0-16, H=1) (1Mark)
    ill. Determine the heat change in this experiment. (2Marks)
    iv. Calculate the molar enthalpy of combustion of butanol. (2Marks)
  2. Explain why the value of the molar heat of combustion for butanol obtained in this experiment is different from the theoretical value.
    (1 Mark)
  3. From the bond energies in the table below, determine the enthalpy change for the reaction that follows
    Bond  Bond energy (K/mol)
    H-H  432
    C=C  610
    C=C  835
    C-C  346
    C-H  413

    q5c jngvajgdyga (2Marks)
  4. Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow:
    q5d mjhgjgjdsa
    1. What do AH, and H2 represent?  (2Marks)
      H2 .................. (11)
    2. Write an expression to show the relationship between H1, H2 and H3. (1Mark)

6. The factors which affect the rate of reaction between lead carbonate and dilute nitric (v) acid were investigated by carrying out three experiments as follows;

Experiment  Lead Carbonate  Concentration of nitric (v) acid 
 1  Lumps  4M
 2  Powdered  4M
 3  Lumps  2M
  1. Other than concentration, state the other factor that was being investigated in the experiment (1Mark)
  2. For each experiment, the same volume of acid (excess) and mass of lead (II) carbonate were used and the volume of gas liberated measured with time.
    1. Draw a setup that can be used to investigate the rate of reaction for one of the experiments (3Marks)
    2. Write an equation for the reaction that took place. (1Mark)
  3. If the experiments were carried out using dilute hydrochloric acid in place of dilute nitric (v) acid, state and explain the observations made. (2Marks)
  4. Sulphuric (VI) acid is manufactured by the contact process. The equation below shows one of the steps involved in the contact process.
    q6d khakughduiha
    1. State with a reason how an increase in temperature would affect the amount of Sulphur(VI) oxide gas. (2Marks)
    2. Name the catalyst used in the above process. (1Mark)
    3. State any two uses of sulphuric (VI) acid. (2Marks)

7. The diagram below shows a blast furnace, which is used for the extraction of iron. Study it and answer the questions.
q7 jkhgbajhgdha

  1. Name two major ores from which iron is extracted. (2 Marks)
  2. Give a reason why the temperature at the bottom of the furnace is very high (1Mark)
  3. State two properties of Slag that allows it to be separated from molten iron. (2Marks)
  4. What is the role of limestone in the blast furnace. (1Mark)
  5. Write an equation for the reaction responsible for the fall in temperature at stage 2. (1Mark)
  6. Write an equation in which iron is formed. (1Mark)
  7. State any one use of iron. (1 mark)
  8. State the effect of iron extraction on the environment. (1 mark)

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