Agriculture Trial Exams Paper 1 Questions - Alliance Boys High School Mock December 2020

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Instruction to candidates

  • Write your name and index number in the space provided at the top of this page. 
  • Sign and write the date of the examination in the space provided above 
  • This paper consists of three section A, B, and C
  • Answer all questions in section A and B 
  • Answer any two questions in section C
  • All answers should be written in the spaces provided 
  • Candidate should check the question paper to ascertain that all pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing 
  • Candidate should answer the question in English


 A  1-16  30  
 B  17-20  20  
 C    20  
   TOTAL SCORE  90  


Answer all question in this section in the space provided

  1. Differentiate between olericulture and pomoculture as used in crop production. (1mark)
  2. List the physical weathering agents in soil formation process. (1 1/2marks)
  3. Give four method of farming. (2mrks)
  4. Give two examples for each of the following types of cost incurred in broiler production 
    1. Variable cost (2 marks)
    2. fixed cost (2 marks)
  5. Give four advantages of crop rotation. (2mrk)
  6. State four factors that should be considered when classifying crop pest. (2mrks)
  7. Give three reasons why a water logged soil is unsuitable for most crops. (11/2mrk)
  8. Outline four problems associated with marketing of agricultural products. (2mrks)
  9. Outline four observable indictors of economic development of a nation. (2mrks)
  10. Outline three indicators of well decomposed manure. (11/2mrks)
  11. Give two conditions where opportunity cost does not exist. (Imrk)
  12. Give four management practice that promote high herbage yields in pasture production(2mrks)
  13. Give three reasons why primary cultivation should be done early before the onset of the rains (1 1/2 marks)
  14. Give two examples of farm records that are general in nature. (1mrk)
  15. Given that at a price of shs. 1000 per bag, 20 bags of maize are demanded but when the price changes to shs.800 per bag, 22 bags are demanded. Calculate the elasticity of demand. Show your working. (4mks)
  16. Give two benefits of possessing a land title deed. (1mrk)

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided

  1. The diagram below illustrates a feature observed after digging the soil several metres deep. Study the diagram carefully and answer the question that follow
    Q17 UGSTYD
    1. Identify the feature that the diagram above represents in the study of soil. (1mrk)
    2. What is the name given to the part labeled p. (1mrk)?
    3. Give a reason why part b is also referred to as layer of accumulation. (1mrk)
    4. State two ways in which the knowledge of the above feature would be of benefit to farmer (2mrks)
  2. The diagram below shows a method of crop propagation. Study it and answer the questions that follow
    Q18 UY8GUYGS
    1. Identify the method. (1mrk)
    2. Name two crops that can be propagated using this method. (1mrk)
    3. Give three ingredients used when preparing the tissue culture. (1 1/2marks)
  3. The following information was obtained from the records of Mr Juma's farm for the year ended on 31st march 2011

    Particulars  kshs 
     Opening Valuation  100,000
     Calves  72,000
     Hired Labour  21,000
     Sales of milk  13,000
     Sales of cereals  33,000
     Rent  9,000
    Feed 5,300
    Seed 1,700
    Fertilizers 4,700
    Sales of Vegetables 9,300
    Sales of poultry 1,800
    Sales of fruits 700
    Pesticides 1,250
    Depreciation 650
    Repair and Maintenance 950
    Interest on loans 200
    Closing Valuation 9,0000
    1. using the information given above, prepare a profit and loss account for Mr. Juma's farm for the year ended 31 March (7mrks)
    2. Giving a reason, State whether Mr. Juma's farm made a profit or loss. (1 mark)
  4. The diagram below shows a maize stalk infected by a certain pest. Study it and answer the questions that follow
    Q20 UYGS
    1. Identify the pest. (1/2mark)
    2. Apart from maize, name another crop attacked by the pest named above. (1/2 mark)
    3. Give three cultural measures that can be applied to control the pest. (3mrks)

Answer any two questions in this section in the spaces provided

    1. Describe six advantages of rotational grazing. (6mrks)
    2. Explain eight ways in which soil fertility can be maintained.  (8mrks)
    3. Explain six factors considered when drawing a farm plan. (6mrks)
    1. Explain the factors that influence the type of irrigation to be used in a farm. (4mrks)
    2. Explain six reasons for pruning coffee. (6mrks)
    3. Describe six ways in which labor productivity can be improved on a farm. (6mrks)
    4. Describe four functions of cooperatives in agriculture. (4mrks)
    1. Describe five importance of agro-forestry in soil and water conservation. (5mrks)
    2. Describe the procedure of silage making. (10mrks)
    3. Describe five effects of over application of nitrogenous fertilizer.  (5mrks)

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