Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Samia Joint Mock Examination 2021/2022

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  1. Indicate your name and index number at the top right hand corner of each printout.
  2. Write your name and index number on the CD/Removable storage medium provided.
  3. Write the name and version of the software used for each question attempted in the answer sheet provided.
  4. Answer all the questions
  5. All questions carry equal marks.
  6. Passwords should not be used while saving in the CD / Removable storage medium.
  7. All answers must be saved in your CD/Removable storage medium.
  8. Make a printout of the answers on the answer sheet.
  9. Arrange your printouts and tie/staple them together.
  10. Hand in all the printouts and the CD/Removable storage medium used.
  11. This paper consists of 4 printed pages.
  12. Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.
  13. Candidates should answer the questions in English.


  1. Mobilis is a company that engages in the sales of the following Mobile service providers: Faiba, Gateway, Vodafone and SAF. The company uses sales representatives who operate at various regions in Nairobi town. Each sales representative presents monthly sales to the manager (Values are in Ksh).
      A B C D E F
    1 Mobile _ Accessories Sales LTD
        Product Type  
    Sales Rep Faiba Gateway Vodafone SAF Total Sales
    Kipkulei  24000 37500 39500 49500  
    Tom 15000 265000 21500  25500   
    Sharon  5500  14800 3500 16500  
    Oscar  7000 15500 14500 64500  
    8 Linda 11000 69000 2200 64500  
    9 Danelaw 33500 12000 14500 23500  
    10 Muriithi 15500 80000 17200 23500  
    1. Using spreadsheet package,
      1. Enter the information given in the table above into a worksheet. Save workbook as MOBILISREPS and rename sheet 1 as Sales. (20 marks)
      2. Validate all the cells in the Product Type columns to allow entry of numeric data from 0 to 80,000 only. A message, Invalid data!: should be displayed whenever a cell is typed with non compliant data. (3 marks)
    2. Using formulae, determine the;
      1. Total sales for each Sales representative (2 marks)
      2. Product type Total Sales for each provider. (2 marks)
    3. Each sales person earns Bonus points for the sales of each product type based on the following criteria.
      • 1 point for every sh. 50 for Faiba,
      • 2 points for every sh. 60 for Gateway,
      • 3 point for every sh. 50 for Vodafone,
      • 2 point for every sh. 60 for SAF.
        Insert a column Bonus Points and compute the points of each sales person . (5 marks)
    4. Insert a blank column Awards and based on the Bonus points earned by each sales representative, use a function to display the remarks on Awards as follows: (5 marks)
      Total Sales                                           Awards
      2,500 and above                                     Cash
      More than 1,000 and less than 2,500    Voucher
      1,000 and below                                   try again
    5. Format the figures in worksheet as follows: (3 marks)
      • Title and subtitle:
      • Double underline
      • Font type – Algerian
      • Font size
    6. Rotate, all the Product Type heading labels in the worksheet to -900. (1 mark)
    7. Generate a column chart to represent the Total sales for each sales representative. Label your chart accordingly and place it in a new worksheet renamed as CHART. (7marks)
    8. Print Sales and CHART. (2marks)
  2. HIGH SEASONS is a holiday resort firm. It has several branches all over the world. In order to keep track of its employees, a database to organize employee information is required.
    1. Create a database file and save it as SEASONS in the removable storage provided. (2 marks)
      1. Create a table containing the following fields: (3 marks)
        Field Name           Field Type
        Employee No.       Auto Number
        Date of Birth          Date/Time
        Grade                     Text
      2. Make the field Employee No. the primary key and save the table as EMPLOYEES. (3 marks)
      1. Create a form based on the EMPLOYEES table and save it as
        EMPLOYEES FORM. (4 marks)
      2. Use the form to enter the records below: (5 marks)
        Employee No Date of Birth  Grade 
        2 4/28/1978
        3 10/30/1972
        4 12/5/1975
        5 2/28/1974
        6 1/3/1970
        7 11/24/1956
        8 3/10/1984
        9 4/4/1956 
        10 8/11/1964 
    4. Modify the EMPLOYEES table by adding two new fields: (2 marks)
      Field Name Field Type
      Salary (Shs) Currency
      Address Text
      1. Create another table containing the following fields: (2 marks)
        Field Name Field Type
        House ID Auto Number
        Number of Rooms Number
        Location Text
        Rent Currency
      2. Make the field House ID the primary key and save the table as HOUSES.( 2 marks)
    6. Create a relationship the tables and enforce referential integrity. (6 marks)
      1. Create a query and save it as EMPLOYEES QUERY based on the EMPLOYEES table that would display all the employee’s in Grade H, R and their date of birth. (2 marks)
      2. Sort the records in the EMPLOYEES QUERY in alphabetical of Grade field. (3 marks)
      1. Create a columnar report with portrait orientation from the EMPLOYEES QUERY. Save the report as EMPLOYEES REPORT. (4 marks)
      2. Enter a function to compute the salaries grand total displayed in the report. (5 marks)
      3. Insert a header EMPLOYEES IN GRADE H AND R in the report having font size 20 pts to the left of the page. (3 marks)
    9. Print the EMPLOYEES Table, EMPLOYEES FORM,


      1. Creating workbook MOBILISREPS
        • Naming Worksheet 1 As Sales
        • 7rcds@1;Merge2;bld2;Twrap2;Valign2;borders2
      2. Input validation, with correct parameters 2
    2. Using correct formulae to:
      1. Total Sales for each sales rep
      2. Total Sales for each product
    3. Inserting Bonus Points column
      • Using appropriate function or formulae to
        Calculate/compute bonus 1
    4. Inserting column Awards
      • Use of IF function to display remarks 1
    5. Formatting worksheet
      • Double underline
      • Font type – Algerian
      • Font size – 26 pts 2
    6. Rotating headings: All Product Type heading labels (Sales Rep., Faiba, Gateway, Vodafone, SAF, Total Sales).
    7. Inserting data range
      • Chart title
      • X axis title
      • Y axes title
      • Legend
      • Data labels (Minimum & maximum ranges)
      • Renaming worksheet 2 as CHART
      • Correct chart type 2
    8. Printing worksheets:
      • Sales
      • CHART
    1. Creating database named SEASONS 
      1. Creation of Table: EMPLOYEES 
      2. Primary key: EmployeeNo. 
      1. Form: EMPLOYEESFORM 
      2. Records entry to the Form
    4. Table modification with two fields added 
      1. Table: HOUSES with correct fields 
      2. Primary key: HouseID 
    6. Relationship enforces referential Integrity 
      1. Query: EMPLOYEESQUERY with grade H & R with date of birth
        • QryName 1; criteria 2; fields 1
      2. Sort Records: EMPLOYEESQUERY in asceding order of Grade 
      1. Columnar Report Portrait: EMPLOYEESREPORT 
      2. Correct Function: for salaries grand total in the Report: txtbox1;label1;function1;fieldname1;footer1; 
      3. Correct Header: EMPLOYEES IN GRADE H AND R in the Report; size; location; 
    9. Print : Employees table 
      Emmployees form
      Total marks: 50
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