English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Arise and Shine Mock Exams 2022

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Instructions to the Candidates

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  2. Candidates should check to ascertain that no questions are missing
  3. Candidates must answer the questions in English


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  1. You are the secretary of the drama club in your school The club has just held its second meeting Eight of its ten members attended Two members sent their apologies The club Patron and an invited speaker also attended During the meeting, the following issues were discussed; A visit to the Bomas of Kenya, club’s financial status, participation in Drama festivals Members raised two other issues not captured in the Agenda The issue of members’ annual subscription fee was revisited Write down the minutes of the meeting (20 marks)
    Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word
    The African business climate (1) ___________ unpredictable Many contracts are difficult
    (2) ___________ enforce due to inefficient judiciary (3) ____________ high level corruption Africa is (4) __________ by aid money from wealthy nations To cover (5) ______________ for this fact, developed countries media address the corruption issue by implying that African leadership is (6) _____________ corrupt; Corruption is not an individual (7) ____________ it is a process; a systematic issue that can only (8) ____________ addressed by discouraging the incentive behind it Part of the (9) _____________ is the developed nation willingness to bank all the stolen (10) ____________ from Africa
    1. Read the oral narrative below and answer the questions that follow (7 marks)

      The Stupid Monkey

      Once upon a time, a tribe of monkeys made their home in their pleasure garden of the king On a certain holiday when the drum was beaten to call the people together, the king gardener, hearing the drum, said to himself, “Even though it is a holiday, the garden must be watered Accordingly I will ask the monkeys to water the garden for me, so that I can be off to enjoy myself and the holiday with the rest” So he called the monkeys and asked them to water the garden When the monkeys had promised to water all the young trees faithfully, the gardener gave them the water skins and the wooden pot with which to perform the task

      After the gardener had gone, the monkeys took up the water skins and the watering pot and began to water the young trees But the leader of the monkeys stopped them “Wait”, he said, we must be careful not to waste water Before you water them, you must first pull up each tree and look at the size of the roots Then you must give plenty of water to those who have long deep roots, but less to those with short roots For when this water is finished, we shall have to work to get any more

      “To be sure,” said the other monkey,” that is what we must do” So they pulled up all the trees just as their leader had told them to do and all the young trees died


      1. What feature of oral narratives would you use to prepare your audience to listen to the above story (2 marks)
      2. What two devices of performance would you use in narrating this story effectively? (2 marks)
      3. Which three things would indicate to you that the audience is following the narration? (3 marks)
    2. In each of the following set of words, identify the odd one out (5 marks)
      1. Fool Pool Full
      2. Thin Either Thunder
      3. Hard Heard Herd
      4. Lone Loan Lorn
      5. Cell Sell Sale
    3. Imagine you are the leader of a discussion group in your lass How would you ensure that the discussion is fruitful? (3 marks)
    4. Study the following situations and write down what you would say in each case (3 marks)
      1. When walking along a corridor, you accidentally bump into somebody out of your own clumsiness
      2. You are engaging in a conversation and you catch yourself interniping the other person
      3. You want to introduce a point during a discussion which contradicts what the other person has said
    5. You have been asked to present an item in this year’s National Drama festivals Just before you get to the stage, you feel a little nervous Identify three ways of overcoming this (3 marks)
    6. Place the stress mark in the underline words (4 marks)
      1. The intern will soon get his reward from the doctor
      2. No one can contest what you have said
      3. The death of his father made us to console him
      4. Whose present is this?
    7. Complete the following dialogue with the most suitable expression (5 marks)
      You have just witnessed an accident A matatu rammed into a stationary tractor Many passengers have been seriously injured
      Matatu driver : Is there anyone with a mobile phone? We have to call the police immediately
      You: .............................................................. (1 mark)
      Matatu driver : Can you please call the station and inform them of the accident
      You:  .............................................................. (1 mark)
      Police officer: Yes This is Bonet Police station Constable Kirasa speaking Can I help you?
      You : Yes please There has been a terrible accident
      Police officer: May I know who is calling please?
      You: ..............................................................(1mark)
      Police officer : Where has the accident taken place?
      You : Along Silibwet – Tenwek route
      Police Officer : What happened?
      You: ..............................................................(1mark)
      Police Officer: Really! Are there any casualties?
      You: ..............................................................(1mark)
      Police Officer: Don’t worry: We will be there as soon as possible Meanwhile call the ambulance and alert Tenwek hospital to be ready for casualties Thank you very much MrTonui for calling
      You: ..............................................................(1mark)


  1. Functional writing (20 marks)
    1. Title: should include the following; (2 marks)
      • Name of the group meeting (includes name of the school)
      • Venue
      • Date
      • Time
        The title should be capitalized and underlined.
    2. Members present -8
      Position of each should be indicated (1/2 mark)
    3. Absent with apology – 2 members (1/2 mark)
    4. In attendance – 2 – club patron and speaker (1/2 mark)
      Names and titles to be indicated NB No titles - O mark
    5. Preliminary-The student should clearly indicate how the meeting began-with a prayer/welcome by the chairperson. (1mark)
    6. Reading and confirmation of minutes. Indicated;
      • Reading of minutes by secretary
      • Proposed by members (name to be given)
      • Seconded by member (name to be given)
      • Signing of minutes by chairperson and secretary. (2 marks)
    7. Matters Arising – Indicated;
      • Minute number of the previous meeting
      • Feedback on the issue (2mks)
    8. The following issues should be captured clearly i.e. deliberation and resolution.
      • Visit to Bomas of Kenya (2 marks)
      • Club’s financial status (2marks)
      • Participation in Drama festivals (2marks)
        NB A mere mention will earn the learner half the mark allocated.
    9. Any other business -2 items (1/2 marks)
      • should be numbered
    10. Adjournment and next meeting (1/2 mark)
      • How the meeting ended i.e. with a prayer
      • Time the meeting ended.
      • Date for the next meeting given.
        (1/2 mark)
    11. Confirmation ( ½ mk)
      • Space for the date and signature for both secretary and chairpersons should be left.
        F – Heading/Title – 2mks
        - Attendance -1 ½ mk
        - Numbering – 1mk
        - Confirmation-1/2 mk
        Total 5mks
        C – Preliminary – 1mk
        - Reading and confirmation-2
        - Matters Arising -2
        - Agenda @ 2mksx3=6
        - AOB – ½
        - Adjournment – ½
        Total 12 mks

Language (Tone & passive voice) – 3mks
Grand total 20 mks
Close test

  1. Is
  2. To
  3. And
  4. Assisted/helped
  5. Up
  6. Very
  7. Affair/issue
  8. Be
  9. Problem
  10. Money


    1. conventional opening formula e.g
      I am going to tell you a story
      Take a story
      Relevant riddling
      Singing a relevant song (any 2x1=2)
    2. Voice/tone /variation
      Appropriate facial expressions
      Appropriate gestures.
      (Students should give specific examples, e.g. in gestures, demonstrate the pulling of the trees. A commanding voice from the king and leader of the monkeys)
      Any two well-illustrated point 1x2)
    3. – eye contact
      - Nodding
      - Appropriate facial expression
      - Upright/forward leaning sitting posture.
      - Responding at the end of the story(3x1)
    1. Full
    2. Either
    3. hard
    4. Lorn
    5. sale
      (5 mks)
    1. Speak through the chair
    2. Stick to topic of discussion
    3. Equal opportunity for everyone
    4. courteous language
    5. Appropriate turn-taking (1x3)
    1. I am sorry – Excuse my clumsiness
    2. sorry, you were saying something/proceed please
    3. I beg to differ/allow me to give a different opinion/what if we looked at it from this angle……./That’s a good point, but…..fair enough, but……..(1x3)
    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Anticipate an ordinary audience
    3. quickly go through the points to be disaissed
  6. Placing stress mark
    1. In.’tern
    2. Con’test
    3. Con.’sole
    4. ‘Pre.sent (1x4)
  7. Completing the dialogue (5 marks)
    1. You: Yes, there is. I have one (1/2 mark)
    2. Okay let me try Hello (1 mark)
    3. I am Mr.Tonui an eye witness to the accident. (1mark)
    4. There was a head on collision. The matatu driver was trying to overtake a stationary tractor before it rammed into an oncoming bus. (1mark)
    5. Yes, indeed some have broken limbs and head injuries. (1 mark)
    6. Welcome (1/2 mk)

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