English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - KCSE 2022 Mock Exams Set 1

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  • Answer all the questions in this paper
  • All your answers must be written in the spaces provided in this question paper
  • All working must be clearly shown where necessary


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    Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow
    You may think that expecting food to change your life is too much to ask But have you considered that eating the right food at the right time will increase energy, help you manage weight and ward off major illness?

    Researchers have found that eating a meal with plenty of protein leaves you feeling more satisfied for longer when compared to a meal loaded with low - quality carbohydrates Your body takes longer to digest protein, leading to a gradual increase in blood sugar The high protein breakfast will therefore carry you through the morning and more importantly, through your tea break, many high carbohydrate meals are absorbed quickly and send blood sugar on a roller coaster ride, taking your appetite with it and depleting your energy

    Many foods contain antioxidants, but fruits and vegetables may be the richest source Behaving like chemical warriors, antioxidants neutralize molecules known as free radicals before they damage arteries and body cells This protects you from heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes You can now see why antioxidant foods should be consumed in generous portions

    Actually, forget pills – antioxidants work best when consumed in foods In fact, nutritionists recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day It’s less daunting than it sounds: a portion equals a piece of fruit, three tablespoons of cooked vegetables or a glass of fresh juice

    And do you desire to relive yourself of some baggage? Calcium is the latest weight – loss star to appear on the scene Scientists stumbled on its magic by accident From study that measured the blood pressure of obese people It was discovered that those who took one large tub of yoghurt a day in their diet lost an average of eleven pounds of body fat in one year, even though they did not eat less

    A follow- up study found that people on a high calcium diet lost weight and fat than did people on a low – calcium diet - and again, both consumed the same number of calories Researchers believe calcium encourages fat cells to stop “ getting father” instead, the cells burn extra fat without you having to go anywhere near a gymnasium

    It probably sounds strange to say that you can eat more in order to lose weight Obviously, the question you should ask immediately is, “Eat more of what?” We are talking about foods rich in fibre They have what is referred to as low- energy density; that translates to few calories relative to weight This means that you can down a mountain without fear of calories overload

    Fibre also aids weight loss because it’s filling Most high - fibre foods take a lot of chewing, triggering your body’s fullness sensors Moreover, you absorb the food more slowly so you feel full longer

    Will the wonders of food ever cease? No if researchers in nutrition keep their pace Let them keep the good news flowing- such as the fact that we don’t have to starve ourselves to lose weight and keep diseases at bay
    (Adapted from Reader’s Digest, January 2004)

    1. From the information given in the first paragraph, how can you improve your life? ( 1 mark)
    2. In not more than 35 words, summarize the effects of eating carbohydrates ( 4 marks)
    3. Explain how free radicals contribute to the occurrence of high blood pressure and cancer ( 2 marks)
    4. In what two forms can antioxidants be consumed ( 2 marks)
    5. In fact, nutritionists recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetable a day”(1 mark)
    6. What is the attitude of the author towards calcium as a weight – cutting measure? ( 3 marks)
    7. According to the passage, how can you use up excess fat? ( 2 marks)
    8. Identify an instance of irony in the passage ( 2 marks)
    9. Explain the meaning of the following expressions as used in the passage  (3 marks)
      1. Daunting
      2. Baggage
      3. Down a mountain

    Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow
    “ Is he cannibal that you have to run away from him so recklessly?” he asked sarcastically and then added acidly sometimes your behaviour borders on imbecility Who is he?
    “He says his name is Oloisudori,” she said in a subdued voice, her eyes downcast
    “Oh, my God” her father exclaimed under his breath straightening up, his eyes suddenly dilating widely Oloisudori of all people! Oh my God I wonder what has gone wrong for him to come looking for me!”
    “I don’t know, Pappai,” Resian said concernedly, worried at the turn of events “He was saying”
    Her father ignored her Brushing past her, he strode briskly into the living room with both his arms outstretched in front of him, ready to embrace his visitor
    “Oloisudori Loonkiyaa!” he called out loudly, laughing in feigned excitement “What an unexpected pleasure to have you in my house I hope all is well, my dear brother”
    “The pleasure is mutual, brother Ole Kaelo,”Oloisudori said importantly, struggling to stand in order to receive Ole Kaelo’s hug “I assure you all things are under control”
    It was then that Resian, who had followed her father to then living room noted that the two men were of the same height and possibly of the same age But what greatly perrubed her, was to hear a slight tremor in her father’s voice as he addressed Oloisudori She certainly detected a measure of desperation and fear in him She noticed a faint sheen of perspiration on his face and Oloisudori took advantage of her father’s discomfiture to grin at her, as if to gleefully tell her “you see, what did I tell you?”
    Where is yours your mother?” Ole Kaelo suddenly asked turning to Resian, But before she could answer, he was already calling her out loudly using her formal maternal name, “Ngoto Taiyo”
    “Yes,” answered Resians’s mother from the kitchen
    “Come here at once” he ordered in a panic-stricken voice Turning toResian once more he snapped irritably Go to the kitchen at once and make yourself useful”
    “Yes ,Papaai,” Resian answered demurely But before she disappeared, Oloisudori detained her for a moment with a wave of his hand to say, “Brother Ole Kaelo, you have a wonderful daughter here In your absence, she received and entertained me in the most delightful manner” Ole Kaelo snored and grunted but said nothing
    When Mama Milanoi appeared, her husband introduced her to Oloisudori He then became quite lyrical about Oloisudori;s pivotal role that gave them the financial stability they were now enjoying in Nasila He mentioned the contracts that he had assisted him to win and others that were still in the pipeline “This man is more than a brother to me,” he said emotionally “There’s nothing, and I repeat, nothing that he ought to be denied in this home”


    1. What happens just before this excerpt? (4mks)
    2. What tone does Ole Kaelo use when he says ‘Oh my God!’ (2mks)
    3. “I assure you all things are under control” What is Oloisudori referring to? (2mks)
    4. Using evidence found elsewhere in the novel, how did Oloisudori treat his victims in business that makes Kaelo very afraid when he finds him in his house? (4mks)
    5. Comment on any one style used in the excerpt above (3mks)
    6. Is it true that Resian was delighted in entertaining Oloisudori? Explain your answer (4mks)
    7. What does this excerpt reveal about societal treatment of women? (2mks)
    8. ‘There’s nothing and I repeat nothing that he ought to be denied in this home” How did these words come back to haunt Kaelo later on in the novel? (2mks)
    9. Give the meaning of the following words and phrases used in the excerpt (2mks)
      • Cannibal
      • Make yourself useful
  3. ORAL NARRATIVE (20 marks)

    Read the narrative below and answer the questions that follow
    A long time ago there was a wise old man who was respected throughout Kenya because of his wisdom
    When he grew old and feeble and realized that his days were coming to an end, he called his six sons to his bedside to deliver his will
    ‘My dear sons,’ he said, ‘I am growing weak and old, and one of these days am going to die and leave you to take care of my wealth and perpetuate this family I have great confidence in you, but I want to warn you that unless you live in unity and harmony you could easily get destroyed by your enemies’

    ‘We promise you father,’ they replied, ‘that we shall live in unity, and we shall uphold the respect you gained over the years, and we shall take care of this family and defend our property’

    ‘Once upon a time,’ he began, ‘cows lived in the wilderness like other wild beasts They grazed in the jungle in large herds and were not afraid of the other animals But they were constantly attacked by the other strong beasts like lions, leopards, elephants and when the cows realized that they could not live in peace in the jungle, they decided to seek help from men They all agreed to live under the protection of men except for three stupid sister cows Their names were Ndune (Red), Nyange (White), and Nguno (hornless) Ndune was as red as ochre and her eyes were fierce and had sparks like fire when she was angry Her horns were long, sharp, and strong and she could scare any beast Ndune was loved by her sisters dearly Nyange had a white coat, as white as snow She also had fierce horns, but looked more peaceful than Ndune, and was not so much feared, but when she was angry her white fur became whiter, and blinding to other animals Nguno looked like a clown without horns, and annoyed other animals who regarded her as an abnormal creature of God who should not be attacked

    ‘I think you know this story,’ he said
    ‘Yes,’ they replied, ‘but please continue, father’
    ‘One day lion, who was very clever, decided to divide the three sister cows, kill them one by one, and eat them Lion had tried to catch them before But the three cows had fought and killed many beasts Nyange and Nguno would charge their assailant from back and front while Ndune would come from the side and, with her sharp fierce horns, fierce the enemy’s stomach, tear it open, and kill him instantly Lion could not kill any of them unless he divided them and attached them separately

    ‘So one day the clever lion went and spoke to Ndune He told her that she was respected in the jungle for her fierce horns and her beautiful red coat He told her that if she lived apart from her sisters she would never be attacked by anyone She would be made the duchess of the whole jungle kingdom Her sisters were very ugly and annoying and that is why the three of them were constantly attacked Ndune was very much tempted to leave her sisters when she heard what the clever lion told her Next the lion went to Nyange and praised her beauty He told her that she was born a peacemaker because of her white coat, and that she should have spent much of her time seeking peace in the jungle He told her that if she left her fierce and domineering sister Ndune, and also avoid the company of her monstrous and abnormal sister Nguno, then lion would make her the beauty queen of the jungle and find her a good husband there Nyange was flattered and started to think about the idea of living apart from her sisters

    ‘Finally the lion went to see Nguno He told her that she was the most peaceful cow that ever existed, and that she was highly respected for her elegant hornless head It was risky on her part to live with her sisters who were constantly attacked by savage beasts because of their fierce horns and their provocative coats Lion promised to protect Nguno if she deserted her sisters at once Nguno, who was getting tired of fighting ceaseless battles was happy about this friendly gesture, and at once decided to desert her sisters without pausing to think it over’

    No sooner did she leave her sisters than she was caught by lion and killed
    Nyange also slipped away from Ndune the following day and went to look for lion so that she could be made the jungle queen of beauty She too was caught and killed Now Ndune was left alone, and she was also caught and killed That was the fate of the three stupid cows Had they continued to live together in unity, they would have lived’

    ‘It is a very good story, father,’ said the six sons,’ and it has a great lesson in it We shall continue to live in unity’‘

    Good, my sons,’ the old man continued, ‘I am very pleased to hear that, and I know that you will not let me down I have one more example to show you, come closer’ At this point he showed them six sticks, equal in size He gave one to each of the sons ‘Break them in two, please,’ he commanded The sons broke the sticks at one go He asked them to break them into smaller bits, and this they did Then he produced a bundle to his sons, and asked to pass it to one another, to examine it closely and see how it was bound Then he asked them to break the bundle, and they all tried one after the other None of them could manage to break the bundle, and he took it back intact

    ‘You see, my sons,’ each one of you is like these cows or these sticks,’ he said ‘If you are not united you will be destroyed like the three cows that were devoured by lion, or like the six sticks you have just destroyed But if you stay together like this bundle of sticks, you will defeat your enemies, and you will be able to protect your property and sustain this family’

    ‘Yes, father,’ replied his sons, ‘unity is strength and we shall always remain united’


    1. Identify and explain any three features of an oral narrative found in this story (3 marks)
    2. Classify the two types of narratives found in this story (2 marks)
    3. What tactic does the lion use to separate the cows? (2 marks)
    4. Identify and illustrate the character trait of the three cows (2 marks)
    5. Give two reasons why the old man uses the two illustrations to make his point clear instead of using one (3 marks)
    6. Give two proverbs, one similar to and one contrasting to the one used in the story (2 marks)
    7. Identify and show the effectiveness of any two styles in the story, apart from the one in (f) above (2marks)
    8. How would you make rendition of this narrative lively? (2 marks)
    9. Which are the social-economic activities of the given community? (2 mark)
  4. GRAMMAR (15MKS)
    1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given (4mks)
      1. She will not be given a driving license She passes the road test (Rewrite as one using‘unless’)
      2. The woman left the child with a neighbor and went to the market (Begin: leaving)
      3. The boys went to play in the field (underline the adverbial)
      4. I didn’t give the money to my sister I gave the money to my cousin (Rewrite using ‘rather’)
    2. Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate complex preposition (3mks)
      1. ....................................cost, it is not worth much
      2. I am calling....................................my father
      3. We went ....................................Mombasa but we did not see the bus
    3. For each of the following sentences, use the correct form of the word in brackets to fill in the blank space (3 marks)
      1. Once the sun has ....................................I cannot sleep any more(rise)
      2. How long have you .................................... here? (dwell)
      3. It is advisable that we .................................... forgive those who wrong us (condition)
    4. Fill with most appropriate collective noun (2 marks)
      1. A ....................................of soldiers received medals from the president
      2. A....................................of islands was submerged in the ocean when the cyclone occurred
    5. Supply the correct form of the verb in the following sentences (3 marks)
      1. All but my aunt ....................................arrived (has/have)
      2. Both dogs .................................... chasing cars (enjoy/enjoys)
      3. The Minister as well as the Governor and the Speaker of the House....................................present (was/were)


Question 1: Comprehension (20mks)

    1. You can improve your life by eating the right food at the right time.
    2. Since they are quickly digested and absorbed, carbohydrates make one hungrier sooner. They greatly raise blood sugar and subsequently one’s appetite, leading to loss of energy. (27 words)
    3. Free radicals, if not neutralized, damage arteries and body cells. It is these damaged arteries and body cells that cause high blood pressure and cancer.
    4. Antioxidants can be consumed in the form of pills and food
    5. Don’t nutritionists, in fact recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day?
    6. The attitude of the author is one of admiration, marvel/ fascination/ wonderment. He is highly impressed by the effectiveness of calcium as a weight – cutting measure for he refers to it as a ‘star’ and says it has some magic
    7. One can use excess energy by taking a high – calcium diet or going to a gymnasium
    8. The irony is that you can actually eat more in order to lose weight. Usually, eating more leads to weight gain
    9. Daunting: difficult, challenging
      Baggage: excess weight
      Down a mountain: eat a huge amount of food


  1. Before:
    Resian offers Oloisudori a cup of tea* and he sarcastically comments how Resian has taken long to decide whether to give him a cup of tea*.
    Oloisudori sexually harasses Resian even after she introduces herself*. She hears her father’s voice from outside and runs out to tell him he has a visitor*.
  2. A tone of desperation / a tone of fear / dreadful tone*
  3. The contracts he had helped Kaelo to clench were safe; nothing had gone wrong to make him come to visit him.
  4. He turned up to make ridiculous demands. Threatened to withdraw the contracts if his victim fails to meet the demands. His victims were left to play to his own rules and the consequences of not playing the game as he wished were always unpalatable /brutal
  5. Local dialect/words/ language e.g. Papaai, Ngoto Taiyo- it gives the story local flavor.
  6. No, Oloisudori had sexually harassed Resian both physically and mentally/psychologically. She found it very difficult to be in his presence. She only served him tea out of respect for her mother.
  7. Women are despised / degraded/ looked down upon. Ole Kaelo commands Resian around the house like she is nothing/nobody.
  8. Oloisudori came back to demand for Resian’s hand in marriage and it plunged the family into a crisis- the family disintegrates- Resian runs away from home.
  9. Cannibal – A person who eats human flesh
  10. Make yourself useful - work / help around


    • Opening formula
    • Personification
    • Fantasy
    • Moral lesson where unity is emphasized.
    • Timeless
      (Any three x 1 = 3 marks)
    • Human tales- the wise man was with his son.
    • Trickster- the lion tricked the 3 cows
    • Fable- animal characters are used
  3. Divide and rule- he separated the three and kills them
    Flattery- he flattered them by appealing for their traits and killed them.
  4. Gullible- are easily cheated by the lion
    Foolish- easily cheated by the lion
    Vain/naïve- are flattered and easily fall into the trap
  5. Repetition creates emphasize on the need for unity.
    The first story shows how unity helped the cows even when they foolishly refused to seek man’s help
    The second story shows that the sticks are easily to break individually not as a bundle
    1. Many hands make light work
    2. Divided we fall, united we stand
      Too many cooks spoil the broth
    1. Dialogue – breaks the monotony of narration and creates authenticity
    2. Proverbs- to show the wisdom the father is imparting on the sons
    3. Allegory story within a story / extended metaphor
    4. Imagery/ simile- sons compared to sticks individually and collectively showing str3ength
    5. narration- used to present different aspects i.e. first, second and third person point of view
    • involve the audience by making them break the sticks individually
    • use props/ accompaniments e.g. costumes like a stool for the old man
    • Dramatization of the actions in walking away and breaking sticks
    • Tonal variation/mimicry of different characters
  9. Pastoralism- animal keeping (cows)
    Father advising sons (social activities)


  1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given (4mks)
    1. She will not be given a driving license. She passes the road test (Rewrite as one using‘unless’)
      • she will not be given a driving license unless she passes the road test/ Unless she passes the road test, she will not be given a driving license.
    2. The woman left the child with a neighbor and went to the market. (Begin: leaving….)
      • Leaving the child with a neighbour, the woman went to the market.
    3. The boys went to play in the field (underline the adverbial)
    4. I didn’t give the money to my sister. I gave the money to my cousin. (Rewrite using ‘rather’)
      • Rather than giving the money to my sister, I gave it to my cousin. (No comma, no mark)
  2. Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate complex preposition (3mks)
    1. In terms of cost, it is not worth much.
    2. I am calling on behalf of my father
    3. We went as far as Mombasa but we did not see the bus.
  3. For each of the following sentences, use the correct form of the word in brackets to fill in the blank space. (3 marks)
    1. Once the sun has........risen.......... I cannot sleep any more.(rise)
    2. How long have you........dwelled/dwelt......... here? (dwell)
    3. It is advisable that we.......unconditionally............................ forgive those who wrong us. (condition)
  4. Fill with most appropriate collective noun (2 marks)
    1. A ……cluster………. of soldiers received medals from the president.
    2. A…… regiment………….of islands was submerged in the ocean when the cyclone occurred.
  5. Supply the correct form of the verb in the following sentences. (3 marks)
    1. All but my aunt …………have………………… arrived (has/have).
    2. Both dogs ……….enjoy……. chasing cars (enjoy/enjoys).
    3. The Minister as well as the Governor and the Speaker of the House……were………………present (was/were).
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