History Paper 1 Questions - Maseno Mock Examinations 2022

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Answer ALL questions in this section.

  1. Define the term pre-history. (1 mark)
  2. Identify two pre-historic sites where the remains of Kenyapithecus where discovered in Kenya. (2 marks)
  3. Identify one age grade for elders among Akamba. (1 mark)
  4. State two political functions of Oloibon among the Maasai during the 19th Century. (2 marks)
  5. Give the main reason which led to the decline of Gedi during the 15th century. (1 mark)
  6. Give two advantages of dual citizenship to a Kenya citizen. (2 marks)
  7. State one natural factor that was responsible for the rise of Nairobi as an urban center. (1 mark)
  8. Give two ways in which the National Accord and Reconciliation Act 2008(NARA) affected the composition of Government in Kenya. (2 marks)
  9. Give the main reason why poll tax was introduced in Kenya during the colonial period. (1 mark)
  10. State two problems faced by independent schools established by Africans in Kenya during the colonial period. (2 marks)
  11. State two ways in which the government has promoted the culture of the people of Kenya since independence. (2 marks)
  12. Give the main political contribution of Christian Missionaries in Kenya during the struggle for independence. (1 mark)
  13. Who formed the Kenya People’s Union(KPU) in 1966? (1 mark)
  14. State two roles of majority party leader in parliament in Kenya. (2 marks)
  15. Give one classification of land ownership outline in the new Constitution-2010. (1 mark)
  16. State two ways in which the National government relates with county government in Kenya. (2 marks)
  17. Give the main functions of the Commission on Revenue Allocation. (1 mark)

Answer any three questions from this section.

    1. Name Five communities in Kenya which belong to the Eastern Cushitic group. (5marks)
    2. Describe the political organization of the Luo during the pre-colonial period. (10 marks)
    1. Name three groups that rivaled the Portuguese for the control of the Kenyan Coast in the 16th Century. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six effects of the long distance trade on the people of Kenya. (12 marks)
    1. Give three reasons why the British used direct rule in some regions of Kenya. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six results of the Nandi resistance against British occupation in Kenya. (12 marks)
    1. State five demands of the African Elected Members Organization (AEMO) presented to the colonial secretary in 1957. (5 marks)
    2. Explain five ways in which the Harambee has promoted social development in Kenya since independence. (10 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section

    1. State three advantages of representative democracy. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six functions of the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission. (12 marks)
    1. Give the composition of the county assembly in Kenya. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six factors that may undermine administration of justice in Kenya. (12 marks)
    1. State three objectives of devolution in Kenya. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six measures the Kenyan government has taken to ensure that public funds are properly used. (12 marks)
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