English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Cekenas Mock Exams 2022

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  1. Question 1: Functional writing (20mks)
    You are the secretary of a professional theatre group. You are to hold an annual general meeting (A.G.M) on 20th September 2022 in Kenya Cinema Hall at 9:00am. The agenda of the day will be rehearsals for various plays, costumes to be used and payments of the members. This will be the third A.G.M. Write a notification of the meeting to members of the professional theatre group. 
  2. Question 2: Cloze test. (10mks)
    Read the passage below and fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate word.
    The Ministry of Health (1)……………………… raised the alarm over rise in mother to child HIV/AIDS (2) ………………………in Nakuru county that has surpassed the national average. Health principal secretary (PS) Susan Mochache said Nakuru had 11 percent of mothers (3) ………………………with HIV, transmitting the virus to their babies during birth against the national (4) ………………………of nine percent. Ms. Mochache said the country had failed to (5) ……………………… its target of five percent prevalence in mother child transmissions. The (6) ……………………… came out during the “Ending Triple Threat” (7) ………………………against new HIV infections, teenage pregnancies and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Narok on Friday. She (8) ……………………… the spike in the HIV infections to the ARV treatments which make the disease “(9) ………………………threatening.” “This disease has been with us for over thirty years now but it seems people have forgotten about (10) ……………………… existence due to ARVs that make patients look healthier.” Said Ms. Mochache. 
  3. Question 3: Oral skills (30mks)
    Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow.
    He claps, the crag, with crooked hands
    Close to the sun in lonely hands
    Rung’d with the azure world, he stands.
    The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls
    He watches from his mountain walls
    And like a thunder bolt he falls.
    1. Identify, illustrate and give the effectiveness of two sound devices. (4mks)
    2. If you are invited in a local radio station to recite the above poem, how would you ensure that your audience is not bored? (3mks)
      1. Which gesture would you use while recite line 1 of stanza 1 in the above poem? (2mks)
      2. Underline the stressed syllable in the following words.(4mks)
        1. Pro.se.cute
        2. Mark.book
        3. Con.dition
        4. Ap.proach
      3. Give a word that is pronounced the same as the following words. (3mks)
        1. More-
        2. Earn-
        3. Talk-
      4. You are to attend an interview for your first job in a bank. You want to look presentable to create a good impression. What would you do before and during the occasion to achieve this?        (4mks)
      5. Your friends are visiting you and they do not know your place. What factors would you consider when giving them directions? (2mks)
      6. A group of form 4 students is to hold a discussion on the “Traits of Helmer” in the play “A Doll’s House.” If the discussion is to be effective, what must members of group do?
        1. Before the discussion (2mks)
        2. During the discussion (2mks)
      7. Read the following dialogue between Carol and the principal and answer the questions that follow:
        Principal : Welcome Carol, please have a seat.
        Carol : (after sitting down) Sir, why did you call me?
        Principal : I would like us to have a little chat about…
        Carol : I have not done anything wrong; you can even ask Jedidiah, the class prefect, I was with her the whole day yesterday.
        Principal : Actually, the reason I called you is because…
        Carol : Speak louder! I can’t hear you.
        Principal : (in a louder voice) The reason why I sent for you, is because I have just received news from…
        Carol : (shouting) Jacky! I knew that fool would not be trusted with a secret. Okay, it’s true that Elijah and I sneaked out of school yesterday but we were hungry, really hungry. All we did was buy a loaf of bread then came back to school.
        Principal : Carol, I wish you could listen to me. The reason why I called you here is because I have received news that you have won an award in the creative writing contest that you entered last year. I have a cheque here for you. However, you have raised a matter that I would love to attend to without further delay. Please go and call Elijah. By the time you get back I will have decided on the best punishment for you two.
        1. How does the principal establish rapport with the student?  (2mks)
        2. What evidence is there in the dialogue to suggest that Carol demonstrates lack of etiquette in her speech?(2mks) 


Question 1
Format 05mks
Senders address ½mk
Date ½mk
Recipient’s address ½mk
Salutation ½mk

R.E: 2mks include nature of meeting ½, date½ venue ½, time ½
Signature ½mk 
Position ½mk
Content 8mks

A notice is hereby issued i.e. 
Nature of the meeting ½mk
Date ½mk
Venue ½mk
Time ½mk

Business of the day

  1. Read the notice convening the meeting ½mk
  2. Read and confirm the minutes of the previous meeting½mk
  3. Matters arising from the previous AGM½mk
  4. The agenda of the day at least 3 e.g.
    • Costumes to be used 1mk
    • Rehearsals for various plays 1mk
    • Payments of the members 1mk

Any other business ½mk
Adjournment ½mk
Language 7mks

Group D (01-02mks)
The candidate does not communicate and their language ability is so minimal that the examiner has to guess what they intended to write. E.g. 

  • Poor use of punctuation marks
  • Hardly any correct sentences
  • Spelling errors

Group C (03 -05)

  • Lack of confidence in language use
  • Grammatical errors
  • Mother tongue interference
  • Poor organization of ideas

Group B (05-06)

  • Communicates fluently
  • Well-constructed sentences
  • Good use of vocabulary
  • Minor errors

Group A (07mks)

  • Ease of expression with no errors of punctuation spellings and grammar.
  • Good planning/ organization of ideas
  • Clever use of vocabulary and maturity in language use
  • Definite sparks

F – 05Marks
C- 08 Marks
L- 07 Marks

Cloze test 

  1. has
  2. transmission
  3. living
  4. prevalence
  5. attain
  6. revelation
  7. campaign
  8. attributed
  9. less
  10. its

Question 3: Oral skills

  1. Alliteration – clasps crag crooked – to enhance rhythm in the poem, enhance memorability etc.
    Rhyme 1mk – hands and stands, claws and walls ½ mk – to make the poem interesting, enhance rhythm.
    NB: The candidate should identify, illustrate and give effectiveness.
    • I would ensure that I am audible enough. 
    • I would pronounce the words in the poem appropriately to avoid confusing the audience.
    • I would vary my tone e.g. last line of stanza 1.
    • I would start with a rising intonation to capture the attention of the audience and end with a falling intonation to mark the end of the poem.
    • I would stress the words appropriately to give the intended meaning etc.
      NB: (any 3 well-illustrated verbal cue)
    1. I would fold my hands into a fist to vividly show how the eagle grasped.
    2. Pro.se.cute
      Con. dition
    3. Moor
    4. Before 
      • I would ensure that all my documents are well organized.
      • I would ensure that I arrive at the venue before the said time to avoid anxiety.
      • I would ensure that I am well groomed.
      • I would research on the organization and its venue before.
      • I would ensure that I am audible enough
      • I would maintain meaningful eye-contact with the interviewers.
      • I would use polite language etc.
        NB: (Must start “I would …) 
    5. I would mention various landmarks
      • I would give them approximate distance
      • I would give the approximate time depending on the means of transport.
      • I would guide them using compass directions, route numbers
      • I would use turns while giving them the directions e.g. right, left etc.
    6. Before 
      • They should settle on appropriate venue a way from distractors.
      • They would appoint one person among themselves to act as a group leader to moderate the discussion.
      • They should ensure every member has read through the play before to avoid time wastage during the discussion.
      • They should ensure that they observe turn taking skills to avoid rude interruptions
      • They should ensure that disagreements are expressed politely to avoid hurting each other’s feelings.
      • They should ensure that every member is given a chance to deliver their points to ensure that every member owns the group.
      • Ensure that the possible interruptions are given through the group leader.
      • The principal addresses the student by name, Carol.
      • The principal welcomes the students and offers her a seat.
      • She fails to thank the principal after being offered a seat.
      • She uses a commanding language to the principal to speak louder.
      • She abusively calls her classmate a fool
      • She rudely asks the principal “Why did you call me?”
      • She arrogantly shouts at the principal.
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