Agriculture Paper 1 Questions - Mokasa II Joint Mock Exams 2023

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Instructions to Candidates

  • This paper consists of three sections: A, B and C
  • Answer all questions in sections A and B and any other question from section C


Answer all questions in this section in the space provided.

  1. Give four reasons why organic manures is not commonly used by famers.     (2mks)
  2. List four advantages of cultivation as a means of weed control.      (2mks)
  3. Outline four ways in which grass cover help in soil and water conservation.      (2mks)
  4. List five ways in which a farmer can adjust to risks and uncertainly.      (2mks)
  5. List three categories of credit   (1½mk)
  6. State three functions of Agricultural Finance Corporation.       (1½mk)
  7. Distinguish between perfect and imperfect market.        (1 mk)
  8. Explain the importance of carrying out of the following post-harvest practices. 
    1. Packaging      (1½mk)    
    2. Storage      (½mk)
    3. Processing               (½mk)
  9. Outline three disadvantages of tissue culture.         (1½mk)
  10. Outline four benefits of broadcasting as a planting method       (2mks)
  11. Give four reasons why use of certified seeds is recommended.     (2mks)
  12. State two methods of determining soil pH     (1mk)
  13. Distinguish between over sowing and under sowing.     (1mk)
  14. Give four importance of planting trees along the boundaries.      (2mks)
  15. State four advantages of organic farming.    (2mks)
  16. State four properties of phodphatic fertilizers.       (2mks)
  17. State four disadvantages of weeds in crop production.   (2mks)
  18. name two fungal diseases of maize.     (1mk)


Answer all questions in the spaces provided.

  1. The inventory of Mr. Oundo's farm as at 31st December, 2022 was as follows
    Particulars                              Ksh.
    Cash in hand                         8,500
    Goats                                   17, 200
    Layers                                  13,000
    Pigs                                      24,000
     Machinery                           172,000
    Vehicles                               155,000
    Perennial crops                    120,000
    Buildings                              163,000
    Land                                     250,000
    On the same day, the following information was obtained from his ,books of account.
    Debts payable                        32,000
    Bank overdraft                        64,000
    Rent                                          7,500
    Tax payable                              9,500
    Debts receivable                     80,000
    Using the above information, prepare a balance sheet for Mr. Oundo's farm for the year ended 31st June, 2022
  2. The diagrams below illustrate an experiment on soil using the following apparatus list below. Study it carefully and answer the questions that follow.
    1. State the aim of the experiment        (1mk)
    2. Name the sediments labelle Q, R, S and T on the illustrated above.    (2mks)
    3. Give the purpose of sodium carbonate in the experimment above   (1mk)
    4. Apart from the experiment illustrated above, name one other method used to illustrate the experiment on the soil.  (1mk)
  3. The diagram below illustrate a final seedbed after a tertiary operator done during land preparation. Study it carefully and answer the question that follow
    1. Name the tertiary operators carried out on th seedbed.       (1mk)
    2. Give three reasons for carrying out the tertiary practice illustrated above     (3mks)
    3. Name one tractor drawn implement used to prepare above tertiary operations   (1mk)
  4. The diagram below shows a tomato fruit attacked by a certain pest. Study it and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Identify the pest illustrated above.    (1mk)
    2. Give the classification of the pest above basing on its mouth part.       (1mk)
    3. Give two control methods of the pest lillustatrd above.     (2mks)
    4. Name the other crop affected by thepset illustrated above. (1mk)


    1. Describe the production of bulb onions under the following sub headings:
      1. Field management practices.      (4mks)
      2. Harvestiing        (2mks)
    2. Describe the procedures of harvesting pyrethrum.       (4mks)
    3. State five problems experienced by farmers in marketing agricultural produce.      (5mks)
    4. Explain five factors influencing soil formation     (5mks)
    1. Outline five advantages of mixed grass legume pasture.             (5mks)
    2. State five pieces of information contained in a land title deed.     (5mks)
    3. State and explain five physical control measures of crop pests.       (10mks)
    1. State and explain four factors influencing crop rotation.         (8mks)
    2. Outline the procedures of transplanting tree seedlings.        (6mks)
    3. State six importance of drainage as a land reclamation method.     (6mks)
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