English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Kangundo Subcounty Pre Mock Exams 2021/2022

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  1. Write your name, admission number and class in the spaces provided above.
  2. Answer all questions in the spaces provided.
  3. Candidates should answer questions in English. 


    Imagine you are the secretary of a team set up by the Sub – County Director of Education to investigate the causes of the high incidences of unrest in schools in the country. Write a report of the proceedings, findings, conclusion and give recommendations of what should be done to restore sanity in the education sector. (20mks)
  2. CLOZE TEST (10 Marks.)
    Fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate word.
    Whether it is in 1)__________________ for job, or discussion and tutorials 2)______________college and university level 3)____________________ communication in business, you will find that a 4)___________________________ command of oral English is 5) ______________________. Another area where confidence and familiarity in the 6)______________________ medium is important is in radio and television. 7)_______________ they use English or Kiswahili, announcers, commentators and presenters are 8)________________ to present a clear, comprehensible and accurate form of the 9)_______________. Similarly, clarity of expression is expected of radio and television actors although in their case, clarity will depend on the 10)_____________________ script. 
    1. Read the following short poem and answer the questions that follow.
      The sun spun like
      a tossed coin
      It whirled on the azure sky,
      It clattered into the horizon,
      It clicked on the slot
      And neon lights popped
      And blinked ‘time expired’,
      as on a parking meter.
      (Oswald Mbuyiseni: Mtshali)
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the above poem. (2mks)
      2. Apart from rhyme identify and illustrate another sound pattern used in the poem. (2mks)
      3. Identify and two onomatopoeic words in the poem. (2mks)
      4. Which words would you stress in the first two lines ?
        Why? (2 mks)
      5. How would you say the last line of this poem and why? (2m)
      6. Imagine you are performing this poem to your classmates. How would know they are contracting (4mks)
    2. In each of the groups of words below identify by underlining the odd one out in terms of pronunciation. (5mks)
      1. Leaf Dough Rough
      2. One Way On
      3. Hour How Honest
      4. Counsel Cancel Council
      5. Cape Cap Cat.
    3. Identify whether the intonation will fall or rise in the following sentences. (4 Mks)
      1. Is your name James Waiyaki?------------------------------------------------------.
      2. What can I do for you?-------------------------------------------------------------.
      3. Your class teacher is away today.-------------------------------------------------.
      4. Get out!----------------------------------------------------------------------------.
    4. Give a word with similar pronunciation.( 4 Mks)
      1. One---------------------------------------.
      2. Aren’t--------------------------------------.
      3. Flour---------------------------------------.
      4. Cum----------------------------------------’
    5. Underline the silent letters in the following sentences. ( 4 Mks).
      1. Corp
      2. Leopard.
      3. History.
      4. Practically.
    6. Read the conversation below involving a form four student, the school secretary and the house mistress then answer the questions that follow. (4 Mks)
      Student: Hello, may I speak to the Principal please.
      Secretary: I’m sorry the principal is not present at the moment.
      Student: May I talk to my class teacher please?
      Secretary: May I know who your class teacher is please?
      Student: Mr. Kingori is my class teacher.
      Secretary: Just hold on a moment. I’m sorry he’s gone out. Do you mind leaving him a message?
      Student: Then may I talk to my house mistress Mrs. Lumbasi please?
      Secretary: Oh Mrs. Lumbazi is your house mistress. Hold on a moment I connect you to her.
      Mrs. Lumbazi: Hello, how may I help you?
      Student: Excuse me madam, I am sorry I will arrive to school late. The vehicle I boarded has developed mechanical problem. Would you kindly inform my class teacher?
      Mrs. Lumbazi: I am sorry about that. I will inform yiur class teacher but please try to catch the next vehicle before it is dark. Bye for now.
      Student: Thank you madam.
      1. Pick out words and expressions that show the above speakers have good manners in speech?


  1. Functional Writing
    Must be a report. If not deduct (2mks)
    Format (6mks)
    Heading – capitalized/ underlined. (2mks)
    Introduction -1/2 mk
    Findings -1/2 mk
    Conclusion -1/2 mk
    Recommendation- 1 mk
    Signing off- 1 mk
    Content (10mks)
    Introduction -2 mks
    Show the purpose of the report
    Methods of data collection- 2 mks
    -How they collected the information
    E.g. Through interviewing
    Findings- 2 mks
    Any 2
    Candidates should deduce from the findings / data collected.
    Recommendations- (2mks)
    At least 2 recommendations in point form
    Language / tone - (4mks)
    Total    20 marks.
  2. Cloze text
    1. Interviews spoken
    2. at whether
    3. Or expected
    4. good language
    5. necessary / important Written
  3. Oral Skills
      1. abcbdeef 1mk irregular rhyme scheme ½ It cannot be predicted/ It is unpredictable.1/2 mks
      2. Alliteration 1 mk eg. The sun spun1 mk
      3. Clattered 1 mk
        Clicked 1 mk
        Popped 1 mk (Any two)
      4. stress sun spun ½ mk
                            tossed     coin ½mk
        Why: they describe the movement of the sun at sunset.1 mk
      5. The line should be said in a falling intonation 1 mk
        why: It signals the end of the sun’s movement. 1 mk.
        1.  if they are looking outside.1 mk
        2. if they are whispering to one another.1 mk
        3. if they keep on watching their watching.1 mk
        4. when they have no eye contact to you. 1 mk
        5. if they are walking in and out while the performance is going on.1 mk
          (Any 4)
      1. dough
      2. on
      3. how 
      4. cancel
      5. cape
      1. Rise
      2. Fall
      3. fall
      4. fall
      1. Won
      2. aunt
      3. flower
      4. come
    5. Good mannerisms in speech.
      • Hello, may I talk…………..
      • I’m sorry……………..
      • may I know…….
      • lease
      • Do you mind….
      • Please hold on
      • Excuse me madam
      • Thank you, madam,
        (Any 4) 

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