English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - MECS Cluster Joint Pre Mock Exams 2021/2022

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(creative composition and essays based on set texts) 


  • Answer three questions only.
  • Question one and two are compulsory.
    1. Write a composition ending with the words;
      “……. it was then that I realized I had ruined my life by associating with the wrong friends.”


    2. Write a composition explaining how modern technology has negatively affected the youth in Kenya.

  2. COMPULSORY TEXT- Blossoms of the Savannah. (20 mks)
    Regardless of the challenges a person faces in life, one’s determination can make them achieve their dreams. Drawing illustrations from Resian in The Blossoms of the Savannah, By Olet Kulet write an essay in support of this statement.

    1. The Short Story; Memories we lost and other stories. (20 mks)
      When a teenage girl is brought up by an absentee mother, she is bound to face countless challenges. Justify this assertion basing your answer on Lesley Nneka’s story ‘Light’ in Memories we lost and other stories by Chris Wanjala.

    2. Drama: Inheritance by David Mulwa (20mks)
      Misuse of power is a common phenomenon in most African countries. Basing your argument on Inheritance by David Mulwa write an essay to support this statement.

    3. The novel: The Pearl by John Steinbeck (20mks)
      “Greed leads to evil.” Write a composition to show the truth of this statement using illustrations from John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.


Paper 101/3 is intended to test the candidate’s ability to communicate in writing. Communication is established at different levels of intelligibility correctness, accuracy, fluency pleasantness and originality. Within the constrains set by each question, it is the linguistic competence shown by the candidate that should carry most of the marks.

Examiners should not hesitate to use the full range of marks for each essay.

It is important to determine first how each essay communicates and in which category A, B, C or D it fits

The marks indicated below are for question one

The candidate either does not communicate at all or his language ability is so

(01 – 05) minimal that the examiner practically has to guess what the candidate wants to say. The candidate fails to fit the English words he knows into meaningful punctuation. All kinds of errors (Broken English)

D 01- 02 chaotic little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words from it simply copied

D 03 flow of thought almost impossible to follow. The errors are continuous

D 04 05 Although the English is often broken and the essay is full of errors of all types we can at least guess what the candidate wants to say.

The candidate communicates understandably but only or less clearly.

(06 - 10) He is not confident with his language. The subject is often undeveloped.
There may be some digression. Unnecessary repetitions are frequent. The arrangement is weak and the flow jerky. There is no economy of language mother tongue influence is felt.

C 06 -07 The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his/her ideas
He/she is seriously hampered by his/her very limited knowledge of structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement spelling misuse of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and sentence construction

C08 The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. His/her linguistic abilities being very limited, he/she cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is little variety or originality. Very bookish English links are weak, incorrect, repeated at times.

C+ 09 -10 The candidate communicates clearly but in a flat and uncertain manner
Simple concepts sentences forma are often strained. There may be an overuse of clichés, unsuitable idioms. Proverbs are misquoted or misinterpreted. The flow is still jerky. There are some errors of agreement, tenses and spelling.

This class is characterized by greater fluency and ease of expression.

(11 – 15) The Candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way of expressing himself/herself. Sentences are varied and usually well constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and even over ambitions. There may be items of merit of the one word or one expression type. Many essays in this category may be just clean and assuming but they still show that the candidate is at case with the language. There may be a tendency to under mark such essays. Give credit for tone

B – 11 -12 The candidate communicates fairly and with some fluency. There may be little variety in sentence structure. Gross errors are still found occasionally but this must not be over punished by the examiners

B13 The sentences are varied but rather simple and straight forward. The candidate does not strain himself in an effort to impress. There is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom. Natural and effortless. Some items of merit economy of language.

B – 14 -15 The candidate communicates his ideas pleasantly and without strain. There are errors and slips. Tenses, spelling and punctuation are quite good. A number of items of merit of the “Whole sentence” or the “whole expression” type.

The candidate communicates not only fluently but attractively with originality and efficiency. He/she has the ability to make us share his deep feelings, emotions, enthusiasms. He/she expresses himself freely without any visible constraint. The script gives evidence of maturity, good planning and often humour. Many items of merit which indicate that the candidate has complete command of the language. There is no strain, just pleasantness clever arrangement felicity and expression

A 16 -17 The candidate show competence and fluency in using the language. He may lack imagination or originality which usually provides the “Spark” in such essays. Vocabulary, idiom, sentence structure, links variety are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.

A18 Positive ability. A few errors that are felt to be slips. The story or argument has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures. A definite spark. Many margin ticks.

A+ 19 -20 The candidate communicates not only information and meaning, but also and especially the candidate’s whole self: his/her feelings, tastes, points of view, youth, culture. This ability to communicate deeply may express itself in a wide range of effective vocabulary original approach, vivid and sustained account in the case of a narrative, well developed and ordered argument in the case of a debate or discussion. Errors and slips should not deprive the candidate of the full range of marks he deserves. A very definite spark.

    1. Questions: 1a
      Points of Interpretation
      1. It must be a story
      2. The ending statement must appear at the end, if not, deduct 2 mks AD.
      3. The story must be relevant, if not treat it as irrelevant,
      4.  It the linguistic competence that should carry most marks.
    2. Question: 1b
      1. Must be explanatory/discursive, if not deduct 2mks AD.
      2. Must explain how technology has negatively impacted, if not deduct 2mks AD. (Irrelevant)

    NB: Challenge, determination and subsequent success should come out clearly for the student to get three in a point.
    1. Q2. B1 Resian is determined to go to Egerton University.
      • The parents are not supporting the idea; the sister is hesitant and sluggish in fronting the idea to the father as she wishes.
      •  The father establishes a shop in which they are to work which she is against, tells the sister.’ “I don’t want to work in that shop.” Tells dad, “Who spoke to you about enrolment at the university?” Tells dad on the face she will still go to the university and he will witness her graduation. She eventually goes to Egerton University which is her Nirvana.

    2. B2 Resian is also determined to fight against FGM and other negative Nasila cultures which she finally succeeds.
      • The parents and the Nasila people purpose to circumcise her against her wish, Joseph is brought to train them and educate them about FGM and the Nasila culture, but she had no interest in this. She fears FGM and tells Taiyo to persuade the father to allow them go back to Nakuru and enrol at the university. She hates the fact that Joseph has come to teach them on the abcd of a good Nasilan wife that can please a husband. She says’ No, I refuse to be taught unless at the university. We eventually see her go to her dream university.

    3. B3 Resian is determined to be like Emakererei. When Yeiyo Kiti tells them that she comes from the same village with Emakererei, she says she admires her and definitely wants to be like her who had succeeded in high school and joined Makerere University. The father takes dowry from Oloisudori who intends to marry her against her wish. When she expresses her disappointment to him, he beats her making her go to Nasila River to commit suicide only to be rescued by Olarinkoi who helps her escape by cheating her that he is taking her to Emakererei.

    4. B4 Resian has a dream of getting to Emakererei’s place to see her since she is her role model. While at Olarinkoi’s home, she luckily get Nabaru the nurse who takes care of her and she tells Resian that she has loved her determination and fighting spirit since she started nursing her. Nabaru tells her that she is ready to help her get what she, wants and go wherever she wants. She bites Olarinkoi’s finger in defence against the rape and survives injuries from the struggle which renders her unconscious. She still finds courage to tell Nabaru to help her get to Minik’s ranch. Though she is sick, she struggles to move stumbling from side to side determinedly as they escape the morning when she is to be circumcised. With the help of Nabaru, she finally gets at Emakererei’s place. She welcomes them and tells the driver to bring her to the station for her to talk more with her.

    5. B5 Resian is determined to become a doctor
      • She tells the sister that she doesn’t want to be a parent unless she had obtained a degree. She also says she wants to be called Doctor Resian Kaelon. Despite the father refusing to take her back to the university, her suffering while travelling with Olarinkoi, her almost being raped, she finally is given a letter of admission to Egerton University. She organizes a party for the girls and as they were driven to the university on fifth September, it was hard to believe that their long cherished ambition and aspiration had at long last become a reality. This means that she is going to study her dream course.

      • Mark any other relevant point. As long as it is well identified, illustrated and explained.
      • Mark any relevant introduction and conclusion.
        1. Introduction 2mks.
        2. Four well illustrated points 3:3:3:3.
        3. Valid conclusion 2mks.
        4. Language up to 4 mks.

    1. Question (3a) SHORT STORY
      Introduction- 2mks
      Body (12mks)
      • L1 -Getting physically lost; Enebeli had separated for hours during chaos in the market place.
      • L2 -Unanswered questions may be demonstrated by the wrong people; Enebeli had to handle them though even when he wasn’t the right person to do so.
      • L3- Biological developments are not clear thus could have humiliated episodes, the girls first monthly period seeped all through the mattress.
      • L4- It leads to family conflict and disintegrating; Enebeli is always at loggerheads with the wife because of the girl.
      • L5- Breakdown of communications eventually sets in between the mother and daughter making a bad situation worse. The girl stopped talking with the mother.
      • L6- Relationship with other family members is affected; the aunt to the girl.
        Four well illustrated points-3-3-3-3
        Conclusion (2mks)
        Grammar (4mks)

    2. Question (3b)-DRAMA
      • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When individuals get power, it gets into their heads. Leaders tend to forget that they have ascended to power courtesy of the citizens and use the same privileges to look down and oppress their subjects. Basically they have no regard for the people who elected them to that point.

        ✓M1 - Judah Zen Melo is kicked out of his work because he refuses to be involved in the killing of his brother Bengo, more so they take his land
        ✓M2- Chipande uses his influence as a councillor to buy Tamina’s land on the mountains cheaply, for peanuts, and then he goes ahead to ensure that no one is given license to grow coffee for he fears competition.
        ✓M3- Most people employed in Kutula government are Leader Lacuna’s tribesmen and kinsmen. Tamina comments that Lacuna hasn’t seen anyone else apart from his tribesmen. The manager at the mines where Zen Melo works as a gateman is a tribesman of Lacuna.
        ✓M4- Lacuna sacks all employees and employs people from his tribe when he is confronted with protests and rebels against his leadership, in addition he declares martial law and a curfew so that he could track down the dissidents and rebels. He orders the killing of deserters.
        ✓M5- Lacuna detains Lulu against her will at the palace. He kisses her forcefully and wants to marry her against her will.
        ✓M6- Since he has power, Lacuna orders the removal of inhabitants of the valley such that the foreigners should occupy it. Goldstein wants to use his position to ensure that they benefit fully from the business arrangement with Kutula through the interests earned on the loans advanced to Kutula.
        ✓M7- Lacuna lines his pocket with money as well as giving to his close supporters. This in appropriation of state resources is an abuse of office.

        • Introduction-2 marks
        • Body-12 marks
        • Conclusion-2 marks
        • Grammar- 4 marks

    3. Question (3c)THE PEARL BY JOHN STEINBECK.
      Accept any relevant introduction

      P1- The doctor declines to treat kino’s child, coyotito, of the scorpion sting because he has no money (has only small worthless pearls).
      P2- The pearl buyers are out to take advantage of kino and his pearl. Their goal is to cheat him and ruin his plans of happiness and peace for his family.
      P3- The doctor comes to take advantage of kino’s ignorance by making coyotito sick and pretending that his illness is the result of the scorpion sting. He pretends as if he does not know of kino’s pearl, yet the only reason he has comes to treat Coyotito was to try and seek out where kino might be hiding it.
      P4- Kino is attacked several times as attackers want to rob him of the pearl of the world.
      P5- The pearl turns Juana and Kino against each other. At the beginning of the story, they are very close but the pearl divides them. Kino attacks and injures his wife when she wants to throw it into the sea.
      P5- Kino is forced to kill a man to defend him and the pearl.
      P6- His hut is burned after someone searching for the pearl has ransacked it.
      P7- Trackers follow kino and his family and they have to hide in the mountain. Finally, Kino’s child is shot.

      Accept a relevant conclusion

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