English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Cekenas Pre Mocks 2022

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  • Answer three questions only
  • Question one and two are compulsory
  • In question three choose only one of the optional set texts you have prepared on.
  • Where a candidate presents work on more than one optional text, only the first one to appear will be marked
  • Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words.
  • All answers to be written in the answer booklet provided.


Maximum score

Candidates’ score










Total score




  1. Imaginative composition (compulsory) (20marks)
    1. Write a story starting with the statement:
    2. I received the news of the cancellation of my K.C.S.E results with……
      Write a composition on the following statement: Technological advancement has impacted negatively on the society, especially the youth
  2. The Compulsory Set Test
    “There is a lot of betrayal in our society”. Write a composition to support this statement drawing your illustration from the play “A doll House”, By Henrik Ibsen (20marks)
  3. The Optional Texts (20 marks)
    1. The short story,  Memories We Lost And Other Stories
      Chronic illness affect the victim and their families in equal measure. Drawing the illustration from the story, “Memories we lost” by Ludumalingani, write an essay in support on the statement
    2. Drama, Inheritance by David Mulua
      A selfish leaders governance negatively affects the subject referring closely to the play, write an essay on how Lucuna’s leadership affects the people of Kutula.
    3. The Novel: The Pearl by John Steinbeck
      “He looked into its surface and it was grey and ulcerous” with close reference to the Pearl, write an essay explaining how the pearl could be said to be grey and ulcerous.


Question 1
Below is a table of marks category



















  C -







  D -




D- Chaotic. Little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words from it simply (0-2) copied.
D(3) Flow of thought almost impossible to follow. The errors are continuous.
D+ Although the English is broken and the essay is full of errors of all types, we can at
(4-5) least guess what the candidate wants to say.
C- (6 The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his ideas. He is seriously —7) hampered by his very limited knowledge of structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement, spelling, misuse of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and sentence construction.
C (8) The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. Its linguistic abilities being very limited. He cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is little variety or originality. Very bookish English. Links are weak, incorrect, repeated at times.
C+ The candidate communicates clearly but in a flat and uncertain manner. Simple (9- concept sentence forms are often strained. There may be an overuse of clichés, 10) unsuitable idiom, proverbs are misquoted or misinterpreted. The flow is jerky. There are some errors of agreement, tenses spelling.
B- The candidate communicates fairly and with some fluency. These may be little (11- variety in sentence structure. Gross errors are still found occasionally, but this must 12) not be over punished by the teacher.
B The sentences are varied but rather simple. Straight forward. The candidate does not (B) strain himself in an effort to impress. This is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom.
Natural and effortless. Some items of merit. Economy of language.
B+ The candidate communicates these ideas pleasantly and without strain. These are (14- errors and slips. Tenses, spelling and punctuation are quite good. A number of items 15) of merit of the whole sentence or the “whole expression” type.
A- The candidate shows competence and fluency in using the language. He may lack (16- imagination or originality, which usually provide the “spark” in such essays. 17) Vocabulary, idiom, sentence structure, links, variety, are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.
A(18) Positive ability. A few errors that are felt to be slips. The essay has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures. A definite spark. Many margin ticks.
A+ There is a wide range of effective vocabulary, original approach, vivid and (19- sustained account. Errors and slips should not deprive the candidate of the full 20) marks he deserves. A very definite spark 

  1. It must be a story. If not, deduct (4 marks)
    • it should begin with the words given. If not, deduct 2 marks
    • should be related to the given statement i.e. cancellation of examinations
    • the story must be relevant. If not deduct for irrelevance , 4marks
    • the candidates must observe words limit If not deduct 2 marks
    • do not penalize more than once
  2. The composition must be in continuous form. If not deduct. (4mks)
    The candidate argument must be realistic and factual e.g. negative effects like pornography, exam cheating through mobile phone or cyber crime etc.
    Must expose or show the negative effects of technology on social values in the society. If not deduct (2mks)
    Points should flow fluently and logically
    Must have a concluding paragraph, a recap

MARKING SCHEME QUESTION 2 (Introduction 2 mks)
Most people betrays others by deceiving who trusted them, failing to honor an agreement or simply disappointing a person who has put trust in them. A marriage partner may betray his or her partner by breaking the vow or being unfaithful; A politician betrays the citizens by not honoring his or her campaign pledges/Betrayal run through the play as show by characters such as Helmar, Krogstad and Christine.
B1 Helmer betrays his wife Nova by not defending and understanding her when he finds out the secret she has been keeping from him. Nova had hoped and feared for the wonderful thing to happen when Helmer finds out that she had lied and sacrificed her comfort and money to pay the loan that save his life. She had hoped that Helmer would take the guilt upon himself because Nova committed the forgery to save his life. To her wild disappointment, Helmer tells her that he can work day and night for her, bear sorrow for her but no man can sacrifices his honor for the one he loves. She also realizes that the Helmer has been treating like a doll to amuse and entertain himself. This make her realize she has been living with a stranger all a long and she decides to leave him.
B11 Krogstad betrays Nova by failing to Keep the secret a bond the loan he had advanced her. When Helmer is promoted to the managerial position in the bank he threatens to fire Krogstad, who also works in the bank, claiming that he is corrupt and describes him as morally diseased. Helmer also says that he feels sick in the presence of such people Krogstad blackmails Nova by telling her to use her influence and ensure that he(Krogstad) is not fired or else he would divulge the secret. When Helmer becomes adamant and refuses to be influenced by Nova. Krogstad makes good his threat and drops a letter with Helmer abuse and reprimand Nova.
B111 Christine (MrsLinde) betrays Krogstad, her trust but broke lover. When she realizes that she needs money to take care of her helpless and bed ridden mother and two younger brothers, she abandons her true love Krogstad ( because his prospects seemed hopeless then pg 86) and gets married to arichg man who later dies and his business collapses leaving her with nothing. The two meet again at Nova’s hase when Linde is looking for job and Krogstad is there to talk to Nova impending dismissal with an aim of blackmailing her. Christine explains the reason for her betrayal and then reconcile(pg 86-88)
B1V Linde also betrays Nova when She fails to help Nova by convincing Krogsta to withdraw his threat(letter)When Linde and Krogstad meet, they talk about their past and decides to reconcile. When Krogstad suggest that he will ask for his latter back, MrsLinde says that you must not recall your latter pg 90 arguing that there are too many lies between the Helmer. She takes advantage of Nova’s predicament to get back at her true love which make Nova feel betrayed pg93( To Christine suggestion that Nova “must tell her husband about it all(secret) Nova responds “I knew it” which express he disappointment and feelings of betrayal by Christine.
BV Nova betrays her husband by borrowing a loan behind his back and keeping it a secret. Although the money was borrowed with an intention of saving his life, he feels betrayed that Nova has helped to get the loan by someday he consider “an unscrupulous man”(Krogstad) who can do what he likes not (Helmer)..(pg 104). When Nova reveals the secret to Christian, the letter brings out Helmers betrayal by his wife in her comment No, a wife cannot borrow without her husband consent marks 3:3:3:3=12mks
Grammer and presentation 4mks
BV1 Raml betrays the Helmers when he confess his desire for Nova despite knowing she is married to his friend Helmer(pg 68)
In conclusion, many people in society cannot be trusted and prove to be false or faithful (2mks)
Accept any other relevant conclusion
Bad leadership has disappointed the citizens of katula and many of them have become hopeless.
(accept any other valid introduction 2mks)

The memories we Lost

When a person falls ill, the family members too become sick in a way. The family members have to
alter their engagements in order for them to adequately take care of the sick person. The story
Memories we Lost has clearly proven this.
Both the patient and the sister’s education is disrupted due to mental illness. She has to drop out of school. When she is attacked by a bout of schizophrenia, she swings a desk across the room and smashes a window. She smashes a chair against a wall and screams words which are incomprehensible. When her sister sees her reaction, she also goes truant and fakes illness so that she can stay at home with her sister. The sister says, “I want to be in the same class with you”. They stay together doing sketches. Over the years, they miss so much education that the younger sister goes two grades higher than the sick girl.
The sickness causes the patient to not only injure herself but also her sister. She bleeds after smashing herself on the wall. When her sister grabs her trying to protect her, she becomes quite strong and overpowers her sister. She even cracks the wall open with her hand. The sick girl throws hot porridge on her sister scalding her chest. The sister, however, protects the sick girl by saying that she accidentally poured hot water on herself yet she had to run for safety when her sister had flung the pot with hot porridge across the room. The sick girl does it unconsciously and does not mean to hurt her sister. When she gains consciousness, she is shocked and devastated by her actions. Had she known what she had done, she would never have forgiven herself. Both the sick girl and her sister suffer because of the schizophrenia.
The patient runs away from home in the middle of the night. The mother and the entire village are abducted from their sleep. Men and boys organize a disoriented search party in small uncoordinated groups. Even the children are frightened. As they search for her, the village is risking plunging down a cliff. They would search and search for the whole night. When the mother finally finds her, she carries her on her back and ‘she would scream at interval as to taunt’’ the mother (p11). The mother would take her risk daughter to moreThe sisters are forced to run away. When the narrator finds out that the mother is planning to take her to Nkunzi, a traditional healer, they opt to run away. The healer lives in a remote village miles away from their home. He is famous for “baking” mentally ill people claiming to cure them. He would make a fire from cow dung and weeds then tie the sick person on a zinc roofing and place it on fire. This resulted to death of the ‘demon-possessed’ since the narrator does not know anyone who survived Nkunzi’s ‘baking. They therefore flee home at sunset. They wander to a village, Philani where she takes her sister to hospital. When the narrator and the sister are playing in the rail, the mother is so fearful that she “thought that this was going to come again” and organizes for another ritual meant to cure….She loses faith in God “….Was torn and defeated and questioned why God gave this thing to my sister and my father”. Pg 15
Sick people and those around them experience a lot of challenges due to illnesses. It is good if we
can stretch a helping hand to them.

  1. Lacuna
    • He kills his father and becomes to leader.
    • He grabs the people’s wealth. He borrows loans for the country development but instead use the money to buy plane and keeps the balance in foreign account, thus ruining the economy of the Kutula and overtaxing the citizens who suffer in the process.
  2. Lacuna practices nepotism
    He rewards sycophants and his clansmen while qualified citizens like Judah are left unemployed. Those who are employed are also poorly paid and overtaxed. Judah Zen Melo loses hope in God and desire to pray while his wife drops her Christian name. This shows desperation (from Anna to Tamina)pg 20
  3. There is a lot of killer, which makes people lose hope. On the night of Lacuna’s inauguration many people disappear. Judah is also killed for refusal to allow his daughter Lulu to be married by Lacuna. His death and the locking up of his daughter Lulu in the palace cell makes Tamina almost go insane.
  4. Lulu, a young girl who is sent home from school due to school fees feels that all the suffering her family has been subjected to, that God does not exist since He cannot allow such suffering be vetted out on them.

3b She feels that God cannot be present and allow such kind of poor leadership that, harms its people “How can he live in a place like this ? We are alone mama. Alone, you have prayed sinceI was small and only the dusty winds answer you. No! I shall do it myself if you won’t do it. Page 30. She sees God has let her down by allowing such leadership of Lacuna and she “will use my beauty then I must complete school and be somebody. In any way, mama anyway p.g 31
Any other valid point mark 3:3:3:3 =12mks
Grammar and presentation 4mks
Leaders, should take good care of citizens, protect their property and avoid all vices that make the citizens lives difficult. 

When kino gets the pearl of the world he has high hopes that it will transform his life and that of his life family for the better. Unfortunately for him the pearl turns to be the cause of his misfortunes. This as illustrated in the arguments below. (Accept any other relevant introduction)
The doctor – When the doctor learnt that Kino Had the pearl of the world he decides to try his lack at benefitting from it. He declares that Coyotitois a patient of his and visits Kino with the intention of treating the boy and getting the pearl as his payment. When he realizes that that Coyotito had recovered from the scorpion sting,he resorts to poisoning him. This caused Kino and his wife a lot of agony as they fear for their son since the doctors treatment worsened Coyotito’s condition (pages 41, 50, 52-53)
Pearl buyers Kino finds himself faced by the exploitative pearl buyer who are set reap maximally from his pearl. The buyers conspire beforehand to offer a low price for Kino’s fortune. For a pearl expected by Kino to raise 50 thousand piaster he is only offered a possible 150 piasters. He is greatly disappointed and opts not to sell to them (Pages 64, 67 – 75)
Broken relationship – it was expected that the pearl would strengthen the relationship between Kino and his wife Juana. Kina had hoped that he would wed his wife in church. The Pearl does the opposite. The cordial relationship between Kino and his wife is strained. When Kino realizes that Juana had intended to throw away the pearl he beats her. This is after Juana realizes that the pearl is evil and could bring them trouble (page 80)
Kino who is described by the neighbors as a good man in the end gets transformed into a murder because of the pearl. On his way from stopping Juana from throwing the pearl into the ocean he is attacked by someone who fights and kills. This necessitates his movement into a place of safety. He also kills the three trakers who follows him when he goes to sell the pearl.(pg 65)
The pearl of the world which was admired by many and which had many dreams to Kino( baptism and eductionation of Coyotito, church wedding and new clothes) Caused Kino physical injuries and peace of mind when he is attacked at night e.g after failure to sell the pearl and after the doctors visit.
Kino ends up losing his Canoe(a hole is made), His house(burned down) and his only son is shot dead.
The pearl which was a source of hope for Kino ends up causing him pain as illustrated in the points above

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