Art & Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Lugari Constituency Joint Pre Mock Exams 2023

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  1. This paper consist of two alternatives, A and B. Each alternative has two questions
  2. Choose only ONE Question from one alternative A or B
  3. Alternative A, has Drawing and Painting while B has Graphics
  4. The question paper will be given to you one hour before the start of the examination to enable you to choose a question and make sketches on the A4 papers provided.
  5. The use of ruler and other mechanical equipment is prohibited in alternative A, but allowed in alternative B.
  6. In this paper, emphasis is laid on quality of the work rather than literal interpretation
  7. Write your Name, school, index number and question number at the top margin running across 4cm width.
  8. Do not cut or fold your work.
  9. At the end of the Examination, pass your sketches and the work to the supervisor.


                                                                        ALTERNATIVE ; A

                                                                  DRAWING AND PAINTING.

You are instructed that the use of rulers and other mechanical instruments is forbidden.

    In pencil, charcoal, biro or pen and ink, draw a pictorial composition depicting ; “ An anxious Athlete in a ready set pose for a hundred metres race “
    The composition should measure 35 cm by 42 cm
    Paint from Memory or Imagination a composition depicting the challenge of drugs and substance abuse. The work should be within 35cm by 42 cm.
    You are instructed that the use of ruler and other mechanical devices as well as tracing paper is allowed in this alternative.
    The working surface colour (paper) will not be counted as colour required in the question.
  3. A Fashion company called ”Elegant Designs” is holding a fashion show to model their most recent designs. Produce a three colour poster to advertise the event, to be held on 3rd November 2021 in Sanari hotel in Kakamega from to 8pm. The work should be in an area of 35 cm by 42 cm.
  4. Amani Peace Champions is a youth group advocating for peaceful co-existence among nomadic communities rivaling each other over limited resources.
    1. Design a logo for the group in a space of 10 cm by 10 cm.
    2. Use the logo to design a letterhead for their official communication.
      The work should not have more than three colours.

                                                                                           MARKING SCHEME

                                                                                              ALTERNATIVE A


  1. Interpretation
    • Originality    (2mrks)
    • Creativity    (3mrks)
    • Correct reference to theme      (2mrks)
  2. Use of space
    • Format        (3mrks)
    • ¾ utilization of space (4mrks)
  3. Structures/forms
    • Shapes/forms,Dots Texture      (5mrks)
    • Proportions     (3mrks)
    • Correct forms   (5mrks)
  4. Colour/Tone
    • Choice   (2mrks)
    • Correct Utilization    (3mrks)
  5. Correct use of
    • Mood/Feelings (2mrks)
    • Dominance    (4mrks)
    • Rhythm /Movement/Harmony /Unity    (6mrks)
  6. Craftmanship   (3mrks)
  7. Finishing/Presentation   (3mrks)
                                                                        TOTAL. 50

                                                                                 ALTERNATIVE B; GRAPHICS

  1. Subject/Theme interpretation      (2mrks)
  2. Format      (2mrks)
  3. Correct dimensions      (2mrks)
  4. Mood/Feelings    (4mrks)
  5. Lay out of/Letterings/Spacing/illustrations/Words    (6mrks)
  6. Suitable types/images    (4mrks)
  7. Balance /Dimensions     (5mrks)
  8. Suitability of picture element    (3mrks)
  9. Creativity     (3mrks)
  10. Colour/Value/Contrast     (6mrks)
  11. Harmony/Unity/Rhythm     (5mrks)
  12. Suitable communication of work    (3mrks)
  13. Craftmanship   (2mrks)
  14. Neatness    (3mrks)
                                                                         TOTAL 50
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