HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT - Form 1 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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SECTION A (40 marks)

  1. Define the term History. (1mk
  2. State two periods in History. (2mks
  1. State two limitations of oral tradition as a source of History. (2mks
  1. Give two forms of government. (2mks
  1. Outline four characteristics of government. (4mks
  1. Name two sources of information used in oral tradition. (2mks
  1. State three archaeological sites in Kenya. (3mks
  1. Identify two Sub species of Homo sapiens. (3mks
  1. State and Explain two theories that explain the origin of man.   (4mks
  1. Name the last three stages of evolution. (3mks
  1. State two main types of Acheulian tools. (2mks
  1. List four physical characteristics of Homo Erectus. (4mks
  1. Name the two rivers that are associated with early agriculture in Mesopotamia. (2mks
  1. Name the first animal to be domesticated by man. (1mk
  1. Identify two indigenous crops of most third world countries. (2mks
  1. Give two characteristics of Agrarian Revolution. (2mks
  1. Define the term Agrarian Revolution. (1mk


  1. State five advantages of using oral tradition as a source of information on History and Government. (5mks
  1. List five dating methods used by archaeologist (5mks
  1. Give five importance of studying History and Government.(5mks
  1. Outline five reasons why Africa is referred to us cradle of human kind. (5mks
  1. Describe the culture of early man during the new stone age period.   (10mks
  1. Explain five ways by which early human beings benefited from the discovery of fire. (10mks
  1. What were the results of development of early agriculture in Mesopotamia. (10mks
  1. Outline five factors that led to Agrarian Revolution in America during the Agrarian Revolution. (10mks

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