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    Read the passage and then answer the questions that follow.

    Taiyo stood in the shadows by the window, her back to the room. From her vantage position on the third floor of the building where their flat was located, she had a bird’s eye view of the sprawling town. The rising sun shone on rooftops, giving then a yellowish, tinge. Across the roads that crisscrossed the town, diminutive figures of men and women hurried briskly to their places of work. Uniformed school children, rucksacks on their backs, jostled boisterously as they alighted from one matatu and boarded another. Beneath her, down at the courtyard, she could see her father moving and fussing. He was organizing and directing, with obvious shortness of temper, the loading of two ten-ton lorries. He was gesticulating violently, apparently reprimanding loaders for being slow and inept in carrying out the task before them.

    Taiyo knew her father well. He was not a man who cared to have his well-laid work-plans delayed or disrupted. She had noticed that he had become even more belligerent ever since the family learnt that he had been retrenched and they were now being forced to vacate the house and relocate to the rural town he had left many years back. Although the distance would not allow her to hear what he was telling the loaders, Taiyo felt a mild but quite genuine twinge of sympathy for the poor fellows down there, for she knew the sting of her father’s tongue.

    It reminded her of her own recent battle with him when he denied her permission to travel to Mombasa with other young men and women who had been selected by an F.M. Radio Station to attend an extravaganza. She had stubbornly put up a spirited struggle but the battle was so predictably and utterly lost. That had left a wound in her heart that was still too raw to probe. Her rage, she realized, was still seething within her. The simple faith and certainty of childhood upon which her life until then had been found, and failed her. Also, her trust that her father would give her whatever she requested for had been badly shaken.

    Stemming those thoughts out of her mind, she raised her head and looked through the morning sun beams that gleamed brightly across the rooftops of Nakuru town; that beloved town that was the mother of all flamingoes. A town that she was now about to leave. Tears welled in her eyes. She blinked suddenly and rapidly.

    Taiyo did not hear her younger sister Resian approach. Briefly and in silence, they stood by the window side by side in the empty room. As far back as the two sisters could remember, they had always stood by that window every Sunday morning before they went to church. But their little habit of observing what went on below the streets of the town was made poignant that morning; it was going to be the last time they would do this.

    Resian leaned forward and lifted her face to look into her sister’s large, brown eye. She spoke very softly but her words were distinct and her voice very clear in the silent empty room.

    “Taiyo-e-yeiyo, what do you think life is going to be like in Nasila?”

    1. Where did Taiyo live?    (1 mark)
    2. What time of day was it? Give reasons for your answer.  (3 marks)
    3. Describe the character of Taiyo’s father using information from the passage.   (4 marks)
    4. What reason is given for the family’s relocation? 2 marks)
    5. What is Taiyo’s attitude towards the workers? 2 marks)
    6. Explain what recent event had deeply pained Taiyo. (2 marks)
    7. ‘Tears welled in her eyes? Give a reason for Taiyo’s emotional state.  (2 marks)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage. (4 marks)
      • Reprimanding
      • Rage
      • Mother of all flamingoes
      • A bird’s eye view
  1. Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow
    You are mad!” Resian screamed at him. You are stark mad if you think I am your wife. I can only be your wife over my dead body. Yes, you and my father can kill me and carry my dead body to your palatial home.”

    He was stunned by those harsh words. He winced as if he had been struck. Then already harsh line of his mouth tightened and he stood tense for a moment. Then he relaxed and watched her mockingly. “You can never escape

    Resian,” he repeated quietly, smiling. The very normality of his voice as he spoke those monstrous words was most shocking and disturbing to her. Whether you scream your heart out, or jump into the deep sea, Resian, you are mine. You are my wife from now henceforth”

    “Iwant to go now.” Resian announced angrily shuddering with disgust and terror.

    “You want to go?” he asked, the contemptuous quiet of his voice a menace by itself.” Go! You want to be persuaded, coaxed and pampered to marry Oloisudori Lonkiyaa? Sorry I will not do that! If you want to go, please yourself. You may opt to go, but when you are mine, you will do as I please. No one plays games with Oloisudori. Ask your father, he will tell you.”

    “Stop it! Stop it! Resian screamed excruciatingly pained by the disdainful remarks of Oloisudori. Putting her hands over her ears, she made a dash for the door. He made no effort to stop her but she flung it open and turned to glare at him with tearful eyes

    You are mad! She screamed again sobbingly. “You are stark mad! You hear me? You are nothing but ol-ushuushi.” She walked away and as she did so, she heard his soft laughter behind her.
    1. Say what happens before this excerpt. (3mks)
    2. How is Oloisudori portrayed in this excerpt? (4mks)
    3. Describe the feeling of Resian in this excerpt (3mks)
    4. From other areas of the novel, state other crimes that are practiced by Oloisudori. (3mks).
    5. How does the writer utilize irony in this excerpt? (3mks)
    6. “You are my wife from now henceforth” Rewrite in the reported speech. (1mk)
    7. Explain the meaning of the following words (4mks)
      1. Pampered
      2. Disgust
      3. Mad
      4. Palatial
    8. What happens immediately after this extract? (3mks)
  2. CLOZE TEST. (10 marks)

    We learnt that riddles are ……………………………of the genres of Oral Literature, …………………………… fall under the short forms. Other ………………forms of Oral Literature include: proverbs, …………………………… twisters and puns. ………………………, a riddle is a question, statement, word or sound hint put in figurative ………………………. The respondent or the challenged is called upon to unravel it.

    Riddles, like proverbs, are brief and precise. ………………… are metaphors. However, unlike proverbs, they are …………………….serious and are mainly …………………………… at play or in a relaxed atmosphere .   ………………..usually relate to the geographical environment of a people.
  1. GRAMMAR:                                                                                                 (15 marks)
    1. Complete the following collective nouns; (3 marks)
      1. A …………………………..of actors.
      2. A ………………………… of flowers.
      3. A …………………………….of judges.
    2. Correct the miss pelt words. (3 marks)
      1. Professor
      2. Pronounciation
      3. Acomondation
    3. Join the following sentences using conjunctions below to avoid unnecessary repetition.
      1. Tigers are beautiful animals. Tigers are dangerous animals.
      2. You can borrow my pen. You can buy one from the shop.
        (and, but, so, also, or)
    4. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed.
      1. The principal asked me to see him the following day. (change into direct speech) (1 mark)
      2. The visitor treads on the carpert with his muddy shoes. (write in the past tense.) (1 mark)
    5. Complete the sentences using a noun derived from the word in brackets. (3 marks)
      1. The ………………………..(receive) directed the visitor to the manager’s office.
      2. The lazy ………………….(employ) was reprimanded by his boss for shoddy work.
      3. Speak the …………….(true)
    6. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of verbs.
      1. A flock of birds ……………….(fly) away from this lake last year.
      2. I wonder why they had ……………………(sing) that particular song.
  2. POETRY. (15 marks)

    Life’s mirror by Maseline Bridges.

    There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave
    There are souls that are pure and true;
    Then give to the world the best you have
    And the best will come back to you.
    Give love, and love to your life will flow
    Strength in your utmost need
    Have fault, and a score of tears will show
    Their fault in your work and deed
    Give true and your gift will be paid in kind
    And honour meet
    and the smile, which is sweet
    Give sorrow and pity to those who mourn
    You will gather in flowers again
    The scattered seeds from you thought outborne
    Though the sowing, seemed but vain
    For life is the mirror of King and slave
    Is just what we are and do
    Then give the world the best you have
    And the best will come back to you.

    1. Briefly explain what the poem is talking about (2 marks)
    2. Discuss and explain the effectiveness of two stylistic devices in the poem. (4 marks)
    3. Comment on the suitability of the title.             (2 marks)
    4. What lessons do you learn from the poem?             (2 marks)
    5. Write a rhyme scheme for the poem. (2 marks)
    6. Which aspects of the poem promote rhythm? (3 marks)


  1. Answers to Comprehension
    1. Taiyo lived on the third floor of a building in the middle of Nakuru town. (1 mk)
    2. It was early morning because the writer says the rising sun shoe on the roof tops giving them a yellowish tinge.   Uniformed school children, rack sacks on their backs jostled boisterously as they alighted from one matatu to another on their way to school. (3)
    3.  Tanjo’s father was:
      1. meticulous – he did not want his well-laid plans delayed or disrupted.
      2. Strict – He reprimanded loaders for being slow and inept in their duties
        -He does not allow his daughter to attend the F.M. Radio Station extravaganza.
        1 mk adj/identification
        1 mk illustration
    4. The family is relocating from Nakuru because the father has been retrenched from his place of work and is now being forced to vacate the house.
    5. Taiyo is sympathetic towards the workers. She felt for the loaders who were working under the strict supervision of her father. (2 marks)
    6. Taiyo had been deeply pained by her fathers refusal to allow her attend the F.M. Radio Station extravaganza in Mombasa. (2 marks)
    7. “Tears welled in her eyes” Give a reason for Taiyo’s emotional state. Taiyo is saddened by the reality that she was leaving the beloved town of Nakuru (2 marks)
    8. Meaning of words: (4 marks)
      1. reprimanding   -           scolding/speaking sharply
      2. rage – uncontrollable anger
        - Extreme anger
        - Great anger
      3. mother of all flamingoes – the greatest/biggest habitat of the flamingo birds.
      4. abirds eye view - looking from a high point.
  2. Excerpt answers
    1. Oloisudori informs Resian of the benefits she will get for marrying him. Resian gets very annoyed and speechless. Resian learns that her father has already received dowry for her marriage to Oloisudori. He reports to her that their fate is sealed.
    2. Contemptuous.“He asked, the contemptuous quiet of his voice a menace by itself.”
      Proud. He feels superior and egocentric.“No one plays games with Oloisudori. Asked your father, he will tell you.”
    3. She is feeling disappointed and desperate of her father’s action of receiving dowry with an aim of sealing her marriage with Oloisudori. She feels really betrayed.
    4. Extortion, assassinations shadowy businesses, sexual immorality,robber, smuggler, poacher
    5. It is ironical that Oloisudori who is older than Resian’s father plans to marry Resian a young girl even after he is told her wish is to study at the university. It is also ironical that Kaelo has already picked dowry from Oloisudori and has never bothered to inform Resian of it.
    6. He told her that she was her wife from then henceforth.
      1. Insane
      2. Grand/ like a palace
      3. Strong loathe
      4. Treat with excessive care
    8. Resian rans blindly knocking a chair and a table and disappears past Oloisudori’s driver. She goes to her father’s shop. She is raving mad with indignation. She becomes very disappointed with her father.
  3. Cloze test answers.
    1. one                                         6. language
    2. which                                      7. Both
    3. short                                       8. less
    4. tongue                                    9. performed
    5. Usually                                  10. They
  1. GRAMMAR:                                                                                                 (15 MARKS)
      1. Troupe
      2. Bouquet
      3. bench
    2. Correct spelling.
      1. professor
      2. Pronunciation
      3. Accommodation
    3. Joining the sentences.
      1. Tigers are beautiful but dangerous animals.
      2. You can borrow my pen or buy one from the shop.
    4. Rewriting the sentences as instructed.
      1. “See me tomorrow,” the principal told me.
      2. The visitor trod on the carpet with his muddy shoes
    5. Using the correct nouns (3 marks)
      1. receptionist
      2. employee
      3. truth
    6. correct form of verbs
      1. flew
      2. been singing   
  2. Poem.
  1. The poem is talking about living life productively, for what you sow is what you reap.√
    ‘Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you’.
  2. Repetition – ‘Give love, and love….’
    Effect – to emphasize what you give you get in return.Metaphor – life is the mirror effect – your actions reflect who you are.
  3. It is suitable or relevant. Life reflects back to us what we show it. If we show love, we find it comes back.
  4. We should do what we want others to do to us. We should always give our best.
  5. ababcdcdeffghghijij
    It is regular
  6. Rhyme – e.g. flow and show
    Repetition – there are loyal hearts
     - There are souls
    Alliteration – Smile which is sweet
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