English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 Mid Term 2 Exams 2021

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  • Answer all questions in this paper.
  • All your answers must be written.
  • All working must be clearly shown where necessary.
  1. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow

    African are undoubtedly a very enduring race and have the capacity to utilize the available natural resources for the betterment of life. The biggest challenge however, is to identify ways and means of creating an environment that is likely to encourage development in Africa.

    Perhaps the greatest strategy is to develop political structures and government institutions that have the capacity to formulate and implement genuine poverty alleviation strategies. Administrative arrangements that should not be effective if we don't fight corrupting. We should ensure that leaders and government agents become answerable to the tax payers. The public should be educated on the ills of corruption those who have stolen public funds must be made to return it or face the full force of the law. A gain people known to have stashed money in foreign banks should be forced to repatriate that money so as to improve cash flow in our economies.

    Apart from this, African countries must find a way of solving their internal conflict without involving international community, after all we are all brothers with a common cause. The need to unite and exist as unitary state should be stressed as this overrides clans and tribal rights or sentiments that fuel animosity. The African union should be strengthened to enable it to arbitrate intra and inter rates disputes. The resulting peace will provide a suitable environment for economic growth and set us on the road to recovery and prosperity.

    Another solution would be to develop rural-based economies since the bulk of our population lives in the rural areas. Industries and other process farm produce and those that manufacture farm inputs, machinery and implements should be located in rural areas. Similarly, mining concerns should establish processing plants near mines. Such industries will naturally recruit manpower from the locality involved and consequently reduce the incidence of rural - urban migration Setting up industries in the rural areas will necessitate development of infrastructure, which will open up the rural areas for business. This will further encourage agricultural expansion and increase food production to counter perennial food shortages in Africa. For instance development of dairy and beef processing industry in the rural areas will encourage development of suitable livestock keeping and probably bring to an end the loss of cattle to drought. A rural based economy will basically raise the income of the rural people and bridge the disparity between the rich and the poor

    We could also introduce appropriate technology in exploitation of natural resources and wealth creation. Since imported technology to maintain, Africans should tap the local expertise to develop technologies appropriate to our needs. Home grown technology should help us alleviate African food insecurity for utilizing river and lake water for irrigation and by harvesting wind and solar energy

    Lastly, our regional economie units such ECOWAS, SADC and EAC should be transformed into common markets by removing unnecessary tariffs of goods at various entry points so as to realize the benefits of a common market

    The people of Africa should continually seek a better life. We have the resources, the manpower and the capacity to make things move.

    1. From paragraph 1, what is the author's opinion of Africans?   (2mrks)
    2. What should African countries do to fight corruption? (3mrks)
    3. Explain how Africans can open up rural areas   (3mrks)
    4. We have the resources, the manpower and the capacity to make things move. (Rewrite adding a question tag)   (1mrks)
    5. Which information in the passage, summarize the ways of fostering development in African Which info countries in not more than 50 words   (5mrks)
    6. What is the tone of the last paragraph of this passage? Give reasons from the passage to support your answer     (3mrks)
    7. Explain the meaning of the following expressions as used in the passage. (3mrks)
      1. Stashed.
      2. Disparity.
      3. Fuel animosity.
  2. Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follow.

    The envelope has been addressed to mark who opened it, read the letter and passed it to her. "At least she is from the country", he said sounding a bit odd.

    She looked at him then lowered her eyes to the letter. It was characteristically Aoro - brief and to the point. She felt kind of sorry to Mark. First there had been Becky who had left home unceremoniously only to retum with a white man in tow. Avery nice man but apparently not nice enough for Becky he has found out that she was having an affair during his trip abroad and has sued to divorce. Now she was leaving a lone with the children, financially well off, but unhappy. It was one way to enjoy thrills of an affair, but a different thing altogether to have a carte blanche to do exactly as you pleased. John had terribly hurt of course and mark had been furious with her.

    Then Tony had joined priesthood - Mark resisted it at first but recently, during Tony's ordination he had been full of pride for his son - whose face has shown with joy and youthful dedication. Vera's case had been the hardest to accept. Mark thought of the World of Vera, and differed to her with everything, then she had arrived home one day and declared she wanted to join a catholic prelature of Opus Dei as a non-marrying member. But he had eventually accepted because he loved her. Because she looked so radiant. Anything that could bring such joy and serenity could not be such bad. It was a pity though that she could not wear a veil or a habit. That way he could at least have bragged a little to her friends. His children were a source of great envy to his less lucky friends. Vera for one is a fully qualified electronics expert and had a lucrative job in the city with a large salary and all sorts of benefit women like that tented to many the most aamazing wimps and Mark had held his breath in fear. But in the end all Vera wanted to dedicate her life and her life and her work to God, and there was no tuming her back. So Elizabeth secretly hopedthatAoro would bring back a nice girl - naturally a Luo like himself - who would proceed to have many children - all a nice , ordinary black colour

    1. Briefly state the contents of the letter mentioned   (4mrks)
    2. In point form summarize why Elizabeth pities Mark in this excerpt     (4mrks)
      Rough copy
      Fair copy
    3. Discuss the irony brought out in this excerpt.   (4mrks)
    4. Identify and illustrate three characteristic traits of Mark evident in the excerpt
      (4 mrks)
    5. Comment on the thematic concerns that are depicted in this extract.    (4mrks)
    6. His children are a source of great envy to his less lucky friends.    (4mrks)
      (Rewrite as an interrogation statement)
    7. Elizabeth secretly hoped that Aoro would bring home a nice girl ...... Does he? Discuss with illustrations from elsewhere in the novel.     (3mrks)
  3. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

    Along time ago there was a man and his wife they had build their but in the middle of the forest but they had fenced round homestead to keep wild animals from entering the compound. Now this man used to go to smithy to join other smiths in iron work. This time, when he wend he left his wife heavy with child.

    In this forest, there was a big ogrecame into the compound with a heavy load of firewood. When he brought the load to the compound, he dropped it outside with a big thud of this firewood.

    He went inside the hut where he made some porridge. He drank it. To the expectant woman he said, "Woman with child, take this. You don't want. I shall cat it for you". And he ate all the porridge. Now this happened everyday for many days and the expectant mother grew as weak as the reeds by the riverside. When the time came for her delivery, the ogre crudely assisted her but he did not give her food.

    Now the woman continued to be starved and grew weaker and weaker. She became worried yet she did not lose heart. Every day she used to spread her castor oil seeds in the sun, a dove came and helped herself to some seeds. The woman said to her, "you always come to eat my seeds. Will you go if I send you?"

    Said the dove, let me eat my fill and then you can send me wherever you want. The dove ate until she had had enough.

    "Where do you want to send me?"
    "Go to the smithy and when you see the smiths, sing these words:
    Mutuiuukutuaisaangalai x2
    Yisikuyanakwivua ili
    (Blacksmithsmithing on your ironx2
    Your wife has given birth
    Assisted by an ogre
    Which eat all it has prepared?

    And when the dove went to the smiths and sang the song:
    Blacksmithing on your iron x2
    Your wife has given birth
    Assisted by an ogre
    This eats al it has prepared.

    "What is this thing - of a - bird saying, disturbing our work?"Said one man throwing a stone at the dove. But the bird perched herself on another tree and sang again.
    Blacksmith smithing on your iron x2
    Your wife has given birth
    Assisted by an ogre
    Which eats all it has prepared?

    This time the men said:
    Haiya, perhaps this bird has a message for us. Who of us left the wife heavy with a child?" Said one of the men, "I left my wife heavy."
    Eei, take your things. Go home. This message might be yours. Your wife might be given birth and she is in danger.

    At home, the Ogre was stilltormenting the woman. He used to go to the shamba, dig out the sweat potatoes, prepared them and offer them to her when they are already in the mouth, "Woman with child take this. You don't want it, I'll eat it for you"

    One day when the sum stood in the middle of the compound, her husband arrived from the smithy. He said himself in the darkness comer of the hut and awaited the ogre. When the ogre arrived he cooked, ate all the food and slept on the necked floor. From his mouth came green, yellow and red foam that was a sign that he was first a sleep

    It was then that the Blacksmith came down and speared him through and through until he was dead. Then the man and his moved and build a new home another place.

    1. Classify the above narrative and give a reason for your classification.       (1mrk)
    2. In the story, what shows the ogre never intended to share the food with the woman (2mks)
    3. Discuss any two features in the story that qualify it as a traditional oral narrative.(2mrks)
    4. What are the character traits of the orge depicted in the narrative?   (4mrks)
    5. What use is the song in the story?  (2mrks)
    6. What is the livelihood of the people from which this story is derived?    (4mrks)
    7. What is the moral lesson of this story?  ( 2mks)
    1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. (4mrks)
      1. It is bad manners to spit on the ground. (Rewrite using a gerund)
      2. It is pleasant surprise to meat you again after all these years. (Rewrite beginning: what if......)
      3. Kathuda likes eating rice more than taking tea. (Begin: Kathuda prefers)
      4. There are very few boys in our class (Use ...... any ......)
    2. Fill in the blank spaces using the correct form of the word in brackets.     (3 mrks)
      1. It is not possible to spell award from her................ (Pronounce)
      2. Do not wait for the bus, it comes to this town very .......... ....... (Regular) (ii) The hunt for the murderers has been .... .............(Intense)
    3. Complete each of the following sentences using the correct phrasal verb formed from the word given in brackets
      1. It was dark that I could hardly ...................... the person lurking in the darkness. (Make)
      2. The nurse was so .................. that she threw the file onto the doctor's desk. (Work)
      3. The number of AIDS patients in Kenya is ..... (come)
    4. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct prepositions.         (3mrks)
      1. The burglar was accused ......... being an accomplice in the theft.
      2. The banana was shared .......the three girls.
      3. The book was hidden .............. the view of passers-by
    5. Choose the correct word to fill in the blank spaces.
      1. I can hear with Don and .....................(she, her)
      2. Between you and.......... (I, me) who is more generous?


    1. His opinion is that Africa is a very enduring race and can utilize resource for a better life  ✓1
    2. The public should be educated on the evils of corruption ✓1
      • Those who have stolen should return the things they have stolen.✓1
      • Leaders should be accountable to tax payers ✓1
        Any two points - 1 mark each)
    3. By setting good industries in rural areas to provide employment and necessitate development of roads.
    4. We have the resources, manpower and the capacity to make things move, haven't we?
    5. Points to look at in the summary.
      Stable government/ developing political structures and government institutions / fighting corruption encouraging rural based economy/ use of appropriate technology.
      NB - The summary must be in prose: IF NOT DEDUCT THE MARKS UP TO X ½. 
    6. An optimistic tone/ hopeful - The author believe that Africa has the capacity to move to a better  future, ✓2
      1. Hidden
      2. The gap difference the inequalities
      3. Intensify the trade
      • Aoro has finished his internship successfully✓1
      • Aoro has one month to leave and has to visit home on 28th✓1
      • He will bring his fiancée Wandia vi
      • Becky leaves home out of protest and marries a white man ✓1.
      • She gets into an affair and is detoured ✓1.
      • Vera joins Opus Dei as a not marrying member ✓1.
      • Tony joins priesthood✓1.
      • Aoro intends to marry from another ✓1
      • Mark expects Vera and Tony to marry but they don't. ✓2
      • Beck's husband John Cortner is said to be a good man, gets info affair ✓2.
      • Becky is financially well of yet she is not happy. ✓2
        Any two points 2mrks each = 4mrks
    4. Mark is
      • Accommodating: ✓1 He accepts (eventually) Tony and Vera's choices. ✓2
      • Concerned: He fears that Vera would marry a white man like other women✓2
      • Supportive: V1 Allows Vera to join Opus Dei because she is happy there.✓2
        NB: Iden 1mrk, illustration- 1mrk (3x2-6)
    5. Thematic concurs are:
      • Religion - Vera joins Opus Dei ✓2
      • Betrayal Unfaithfulness/ Immorality - Becky moves around with other men ✓2
      • Gender parity - Vera is fully qualified electrician ✓2
      • Love - Mark loves his children. ✓2
        Any two points: 1mrk - Indent ✓2-illustration
    6. Were his children a source of great envy to his less lucky friends?
    7. Yes he does ✓1.
      He brings Wandia who is
      • Respectful  ✓1
      • Dependable ✓1
      • Friendly ✓1
      • Loving/ caring✓1
        Max 3mrks
    1. Monster /Ogre - Talks about Ogre who tormented pregnant woman. ✓1
    2. The Ogre cooked the food and offered it to the woman ✓2
      • Use of operating formular... along time ago ✓2
      • Use of son-Blacksmithing on your iron... ✓2
      • Use of dialogue - the woman talks with the ogre  ✓2
        Any + no points
    4. Traits of Ogre:
      • Greedy/ selfish - would eat all the food without giving out.✓1
      • Hypocritical- He presents to offer the woman food ✓1
      • Exploitative - prepares food that belongs to the woman but does not give out ✓1
        Any two points.
    5. Use of the Song:
      • Join episode together ✓1
      • Enhances the plot   ✓1
      • Give chance for audience participation ✓1
        Any two.
    6. Blacksmithing - we were told the husband had gone to meet other blacksmiths ✓1 Forming: - The ogre dug several potatoes ✓1
    7. Moral lessons.
      • Greed leads to death ✓2
      • Pride comes before a fall ✓2
      • Pretenders are worse than murderers✓2
        Any one
      1. Spitting on the ground is bad manners.✓1
      2. What a pleasant surprise to meet you again after all these years. ✓1 
      3. Kathuda prefers rice to coffee. ✓1
      4. These were hardly any boys in our class/ these were hardly any boy in our class. ✓1
      1. Pronunciation.
      2. Irregularly. ✓1
      3. Intensified. ✓1
      1. Make out. ✓1
      2. Worked up. ✓i
      3. Coming up. ✓i
      1. Of. ✓1
      2. Among by. ✓1
      3. From. ✓1
      1. Her  ✓1
      2. Me

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