English P1 Questions and Answers - Form 3 Term 3 Opener Exams 2022

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  • Write your name and Admission number in the spaces provided above.
  • Answer all questions in this question paper.
  • Answers to all questions must be written in the spaces provided in this booklet.


    • Assuming you are through with your secondary school Education and you are waiting to join university. Write a letter of application to the Area Chief for the position of an enumerator in the coming August National Census. Remember to include the following ; Age, Gender, K.C.S.E results, quote the reference number of the advert and any other relevant information (20MARKS)
    Read the passage below and fill in the blank spaces with an appropriate word. (10 mks)
    Most parents innocently believe __________________(1) parental guidance with regard to television watching means making sure that your child does not sit too close to the set. They believe that sitting close to the TV ____________________(2) hurt their eyes. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of electronic media go much deeper _______________________(3) just the physiological damage of x-rays on the brain and eyes. This is especially so with children under the __________(4) of seven, whose senses are only ____________________(5) beginning to develop. Electronic media has been discovered to hamper young children’s __________________(6) to create their own inner pictures - which is the foundation of all creativity. Imitation is the key ______________________(7) this early age. A child can only to be truly human from human beings themselves; not from electronic gadgets, __________________(8) do faithfully represent humanness. Studies show consistently how watching TV slants creative play in young children. Nightmares _____________________(9) ensue from the violent scenes watched. Television anaesthetizes our higher brain function ______________________(10) disrupts the balance and interaction between left and right hemispheres.
  3. Read the narrative below and answer the questions that follow.
    Once upon a time, a tribe of monkeys made their home in the pleasure garden of the king. During certain holiday when the drum was beaten to call the people together, the King's gardener, on hearing the drum, said to himself, "Even though it is holiday, the garden must be watered. Accordingly, I will ask the monkeys to water the garden for me so that I can be off to enjoy myself and have a holiday with the rest." So he called the monkeys and asked them to water the garden. When the monkeys had promised to water all the young trees faithfully, the gardener gave them water skins and the wooden pot with which to perform the task.

    After the gardener had gone, the monkeys took up the water skins and the watering pot and began to water the young trees. But the leader of the monkeys stopped them. "Wait," he said," we must be careful not to waste water. Before you water them, you must first pull up each tree and look at the size of the roots. Then you must give plenty of water to those which have long, deep root. For when this water is finished, we shall have hard work to get any more.

    "To be sure," said the other monkeys," that is what we must do." So, they pulled up all the trees just as their leader had told them to do and all the young trees died.
    1. How would you capture the attention of the audience before telling the above story? (2 mks)
    2. What two oral devices would you use in narrating this story effectively? (4 mks)
    3. What two things would indicate that your audience is following the story? (4 mks)
    4. Study the following situations and write down what you would say in each case. (6 marks)
      1. When walking along a corridor, you accidentally bump into somebody out of your own clumsiness.
      2. You are engaging in a conversation and you catch yourself interrupting the other person.
      3. You want to introduce a point during a discussion which contradicts what the other person has said.
    5. Identify the silent letters in the following words. (4 mks)
      1. Boutique ___________________
      2. Plumber __________________
      3. Bough _________________________
      4. Bouquet ____________________
    6. You have been asked to prepare and present an oral report on the consequences of drug abuse
      1. How would you prepare for the presentation (2marks)
      2. Explain how you would make use of verbal skills to make your presentation effective (2marks
    7. Read the following telephone conversation and then answer the questions that follow (6marks)
      Secretary: (phone rings) Hello, Masomo secondary school
      How may I help you?
      Caller: I want to speak to my mother
      Secretary: May I know who your mother is please?
      Caller : (Impatient and irritated) I have said I want to speak to my mother.
      Secretary: Excuse me. I’m sorry I don’t know who your mother is.
      Could you please tell me her name?
      Caller: (shouting) You have been working in that institution for the last ten years and you don’t know Mrs.Marita?
      Secretary: (Politely) Oh ! Mrs. Marita? She has just stepped out shortly. May I take a message for her please?
      Caller: (Bangs the receiver)
      1. Identify any three instances that show the caller’s lack of telephone etiquette. (3marks)
      2. How can you tell that the secretary observes professional conversational skills in the above telephone conversation? (3 marks)



P.O BOX 125-10305,

20/7/2019. 1mk

The Area Chief,
Kariti Location
P.O BOX 120-10305

Dear Sir, 1mk

RE: Application for the post of an enumerator in the august census. 1mk

I am a young 1mk man aged 21 years. 1mk
I completed my secondary school course 111mk last year at Anwani Boys. I scored an aggregate of B+. 11mk I am waiting to join Moi University in late October this year. While reading a newspaper, I saw an advert Ref No. KNC/17/2019, on vacancies in the coming National census. 1mk
I have also completed a course in computer packages. 1mk
I hereby apply 1mk for the enumerator’s vacancy. I promise to work with 1mk I have enclosed my certificates.

I look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully, ½ mk
Joakim Wachira ½ mk


Format – 6
Content – 8
Language – 6
Total - 20MRKS

Under content, expect the following:

  • Student must state hi/her gender and age – 2mks
  • Must state that he is through with K.C.S.E – 1mk
  • Must state the grade attained - 1mk
  • Must quote the reference number of the advert- 1mk
  • Must apply eg( I hereby apply or I hereby request, etc)- 1mk
  • Look for any other relevant information as a conclusion. 2mks eg any other course done etc.- 2mks
  • Total 8mks
    (NB: Follow the sample letter as a guidelines)

Language 6mks
5 – 6 mrks = The student writes very elaborately, and expresses himself clearly. No mistakes.
-merit ticks for new words or expressions.
3 – 4 mrks = Student communicates with ease but No merit ticks. No special idiomatic expressions. A few errors noted.
1 – 2 mrks = The student has difficulty in communication. A number of mistakes of all types; spellings, tenses, punctuation, etc.
-Poor language ability

    1. that
    2. can/could
    3. than
    4. age
    5. just
    6. capacity/ability
    7. at
    8. which
    9. often/may
    10. and
      1. I would introduce the story by conventional formula understood by my audience e.g I am going to tell you, take you, story is coming.
      2. I would be clapping hands
      3. I would clear the throat
      4. I would use a relevant riddle
      5. I would use a relevant proverb
        (mark any 2×1=2)
      1. Voice/Tonal variation – I would try to differentiate the portions where the narrator speaks from the portions where the characters speak.
      2. Mimicry: I would use facial expression of the head monkey as he instructs them –“he feels wise,” and also use it to show agreement on the part of the other monkeys.
      3. Gestures: I would show the way the monkeys pulled the trees before watering them.
      4. Body movement: Imitating the way a monkey jumps about
        (Mark any two well explained points) (2 x 2 = 4 mks)
    3. Indicators of attention in the audience:
      • Eye contact with the narrator
      • Body language e.g nodding, smiling, sitting posture that shows alertness.
      • Appropriate emotional responses that shows alertness- eg clapping, laughing.
      • The general response at the end of the story- eg an applause
        Mark any two of the above. (2 x 2 = 4 mks)
      1. I’m sorry - Excuse my clumsiness (2mks)
      2. Sorry, you were saying something/proceed please. (2 mks)
      3. I beg to differ/allow me to give a different opinion/what if we looked at it from this angle...../That’s a good point, but ......./fair enough, but ...... (2mks)
        (Must give 2 parts of an answer)
      1. o
      2. b
      3. gh
      4. t
        1. Carry out research on the topic
        2. Rehearse before a mock audience
        3. Write short notes
        4. Prepare your visual aids Think of length of time Consider your audience
          Any 3 points = 3 marks
      2. use of verbal cues
        1. Tonal variation
        2. being audible/voice projection
        3. intonation/stress
        4. proper articulation (any 2×1)= 2mks
        1. He does not greet the secretary back.
        2. He does not identify himself.
        3. He uses impolite language…”I want….”
        4. He behaves rudely –bangs the telephone receiver.
        5. He shouts at the secretary
        6. He displays impatience. (Any 3×1=3mks)
        1. She responds to the caller by greeting him…”good morning”
        2. She introduces the name of the institution.
        3. She remains calm
        4. She asks if she may take a message.(Any 3×1 = 3mks)
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