Home Science Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 2 Exams 2022

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A pattern of a girl’s skirt is provided . You are advised to study the sketches, the question paper and the layout carefully before you begin the test.

Materials provided

  1. Pattern pieces
    • Skirt front
    • Skirt back
    • Front yoke
  2. Light weight cotton fabric 50cm by 90cm wide
  3. Sewing thread to match the fabric
  4. One large envelope

The test
Using the materials provided, cut out and make up the RIGHT HALF of the skirt to show the following processes.

  1. Making of the back  dart
  2. The preparation of the gathers on the skirt front piece. Leave the gathering stitches
  3. Attatchment of the yoke piece to the skirt front using a neated overlaid seam. Neaten by loop stitches
  4. Making of a neated side seam. Neaten by overcasting 
  5. Preparation of the skirt hem and slip hemming it

At the end of the examination, carefully sew on to your work, on a single fabric a lable bearing your name and admission nunber. Remove pinsand needles from your work,then fold your work carefully and place it in the envelope provided. Do not put scraps of fabricin the envelope. 















  • Unnecessary threads removed 1
  • Well labeled on single fabric 2
  • Well folded and pressed 2
  • Right half 3

Cutting out

  • Straight lines 1
  • Smooth curves 1
  • Cutting along the grain 1
  • Cutting on cutting line 1

Making the back dart

  • Straight stitching on F.L 1
  • Tapering smoothly to the end 1
  • Stitched to the end 1
  • end secured 1

Preparation of gathers

  • gathering stitches well done 2
  • gathers evenly distributed 2

Attaching yoke to skirt front

  • Overlaid seam 3
  • Straight stitching on F.L 1
  • Even seam allowance 1
  • Loop stitches
  • Loop stitches evenly distributed
  • Neat loop stitches 2

Side  seam

  • Open seam 3
  • Straight stitching on F.L 1
  • Even seam allowance 1
  • Overcasting stitches 2
  • Neat overcasting stitches 1
  • Evenly distributed overcasting stitches 1

Skirt hem

  • Folded on F.L 1
  • Hem of even width 1
  • Slip hemming stitches 3
  • Evenly distributed slip hemming stitches 1
  • Neat slip hemming 1


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