CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 4 Mid Term 2 Exams 2021

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  • Answer any 5 questions


    1. Describe the annunciation of the birth of Jesus Christ. (Luke 1:28-38). (8 mks)
    2. What do Christians learn about the person and ministry of Jesus from the message of Angel Gabriel to Mary? (6 mks)
    3. Mention the ways in which church leaders emulate Jesus in their missions. (6 mks)
    1. With reference to Luke 9: 37-43, describe the healing of a boy with an evil spirit. (8 mks)
    2. Give the reasons why many people still reject the Gospel of Christ. (6 mks)
    3. Explain why Jesus silenced demons in his exorcism at Capernaum. (6 mks)
    1. Outline characteristics of God’s kingdom as illustrated by Jesus during the journey to Jerusalem. (5 mks)
    2. State events following the death of Jesus on the cross. Lk 23: 47-56. (7 mks)
    3. Identify eight reasons why people go to church. (8 mks)
    1. Describe regulations for the use of spiritual gifts according to Paul 1 Cor: 14. (6 mks)
    2. State how love as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is well used by Christians. (6 mks)
    3. List ways in which the unity of believers is expressed in the concept of the vine and branches. (8 mks)
    1. Identify four understandings of human sexuality common in both Christianity and Traditional African communities. (8 mks)
    2. Outline reasons why prostitution is condemned by the church. (7 mks)
    3. Why was fornication rare in traditional African Communities? (5 mks)
    1. Mention six factors a Christian should consider when choosing a career. (6 mks)
    2. Give the reasons why manual work is important to Christians. (8 mks)
    3. Why is the church against idleness? (6 mks)


    1. What Angel Gabriel revealed about John the Baptist when he announced his birth to Zechariah.
      • John would be a source of joy to his parents.
      • Many people would rejoice at his birth.
      • He would be great in the sight of the Lord.
      • He was not to take strong drink (Nazirite)
      • He was to be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb.
      • Many Israelites would turn to God through him.
      • He would have the spirit of Elijah / power.
      • He was to prepare the people for the Lord / call people to repentance.
      • He would turn the fathers’ hearts to children / bring reconciliation.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2. Ways through which Jesus is seen as coming from a poor background.
      • His father was a poor carpenter.
      • His mother was an ordinary village girl.
      • He was wrapped in swaddling clothes / laid in a manger.
      • He was born in a small town of Judah / Bethlehem.
      • The first to visit him were the shepherds who were lowly regarded.
      • He was revealed to Simeon and Anna who were simple.
      • During his dedication the parents offered birds.
      • He grew up in Nazareth a town of low status.
        (4 x 2 = 8mks)
    3. Reasons why children should take part in church activities.
      • They are made in the image of God.
      • To follow the example of Christ who went to the Synagogue.
      • To prepare them for future roles as leaders.
      • To teach them religious beliefs / practices.
      • To lay foundation for Christian morals at an early age.
      • Jesus taught that the Kingdom belongs to them / He appreciated / blessed children.
      • For the continued growth of the church
      • To help develop / improve their talents
      • To give them an opportunity to socialize with others.
      • To help them spend their leisure positively.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    1. Teachings of Jesus from the sermon on the plain on how human beings should relate to one another.
      • Human beings should love their enemies.
      • They should do good to those who hate them.
      • They should bless those who curse them.
      • They should pray for those who mistreat them.
      • They should help those in need.
      • They should lend without expecting anything in return.
      • They should show mercy to others.
      • They should not Judge / condemn others.
      • Human beings should forgive one another / not revenge.
      • They should be generous.
      • They should do unto others what they expect to be done to them. (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    2. Describe the incident in which Jesus clamed the storm. (Lk 8: 22 – 25)
      • Jesus got into the boat with his disciples.
      • He told them that they should go to the other side of the lake so they sent out.
      • As they sailed Jesus fell asleep.
      • A storm of wind came down on the lake.
      • The boat was filled with water / they were in danger.
      • The disciples went and woke Jesus saying “don’t you worry we are perishing?”
      • Jesus got up, rebuked the wind / the raging water / waves.
      • The storm subsided / ceased / there was calm.
      • Jesus asked the disciples where their faith was.
      • The disciples were afraid / they marvelled.
      • The disciples wondered who Jesus was even the wind and water could obey Him.
        (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    3. Virtues that Christians learn from the miracle of feeding the five thousand.
      • Service
      • Obedience
      • Faith / Trust
      • Humility
      • Cooperation
      • Thankfulness
      • Carefulness
      • Responsibility
      • Kindness / generosity / sharing
      • Concern / compassion / mercy
      • Respect (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    1. The parable of the wicked Tenants. (Lk 20: 9 – 18)
      • There was a man who planted a vineyard
      • He left it to the tenants then left home for long time.
      • When the time came for the harvest, he sent a servant to the tenants to receive from them his share of the harvest.
      • The tenants beat the servant and sent him back with nothing.
      • He sent another servant who the tenants beat just like the first one, sending him back with nothing.
      • The third servant was sent and treated as the others.
      • The vineyard owner decided to send his own son thinking that the tenants would respect him.
      • When the tenants saw him, they opted to kill him so that they would inherit the master’s property.
      • They killed him and threw his body out of the vineyard.
      • What then will the owner of the vineyard do to them
      • He will come and destroy the tenants and give the vineyard to others.
        (8 x 1 = 8mks)
    2. Signs of the end time as prophesied by Jesus.
      • The destruction of the temple and Jerusalem.
      • False messiahs would arise.
      • Wars between nations.
      • Occurrence of natural calamities.
      • Strange and terrifying celestrial beings would come from the sky.
      • The eclipse of the sun and the moon.
      • Strong waves disrupting the sea.
      • Fainting of people from shock as they observe the terrible signs.
      • Persecution of the disciples of Jesus.
      • Martyrdom of Jesus’ disciples for being his followers.
      • The son of man will appear in glory. (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    3. Factors that are hindering Christians in their preparation for the second coming of Christ.
      • Trust in material wealth.
      • False teachings
      • Sexual immorality
      • Inability to forgive
      • Luxurious living
      • Lack of concern for the plight of the needy
      • Failure to observe church sacraments
      • Drunkenness 
      • Attraction to devil worship
      • Not reading the Bible
      • Influence of modern science and technology. (5 x 1 = 5mks)
    1. Events that took place on the mount of Olives before the arrest of Jesus.
      • Jesus told the disciples to pray
      • Jesus moved a distance away from the disciples
      • Jesus knelt down and prayed
      • An angel from heaven strengthened Him
      • The disciples fell asleep
      • Jesus awoke the disciples
      • There came a crowd led by Judas one of his twelve disciples.
      • Judas wanted to kiss Jesus.
      • One of the disciples struck off a slave’s ear.
      • Jesus healed the man’s ear
      • Jesus asked the religious leaders why they had come to arrest him as if he was a criminal.
        (8 x 1 = 8mks)
    2. Reasons why Christians pray
      • To show their dependence on God / faith in God.
      • To honour God
      • To ask for their needs / seek guidance
      • To confess their sins and ask for forgiveness
      • To thank God for His goodness
      • Prayer help relieve fear / anxiety
      • It is an instrument through which the work of satan is destroyed.
      • To have fellowship with God
      • To follow the example of Jesus
      • It is a command from God / sign of obedience
      • To intercede for others
      • To ask for protection from God. (8 x 1 = 8mks)
    3. Importance of the death of Jesus to Christians.
      • Through the death of Jesus, Christians are forgiven their sins.
      • Christians are not supposed to make animal sacrifices to God.
      • It demonstrated God’s love for human beings
      • Christians have a personal relationship with God
      • Christians are able to commit themselves to the will of God. (4 x 1 = 4mks)
    1. Ways in which the Holy Spirit was manifested on the day of Pentecost. 
      • Through a sound from heaven
      • Like a mighty rushing wind
      • As tongues of fire resting on each disciple
      • By the disciples speaking in tongues
      • Peter became courageous to preach
      • Many people were convicted of sin
      • Many people repented.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2. How gifts of the Holy Spirit are misused in the church today.
      • People demand favours / payment for performing miracles
      • People claim to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit when they are not.
      • There is too much emphasis on speaking in tongues at the expense of other gifts.
      • Those who have the gifts of the Holy Spirit are proud / boastful.
      • People misinterpret the Bible claiming to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
      • Individuals cause divisions / splinter groups claiming that the Holy Spirit has inspired them.
      • Some times the gifts of the Holy Spirit are expressed in a disorderly manner
      • People use the gifts for self glorification.
      • People speak in tongues without an interpreter.
      • People use the gifts to instill fear / intimidate.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    3. Saint Paul’s teachings on love (1 Cor 13)
      • Love is patient
      • Love is kind
      • Love is not jealous / envious
      • Love is not boastful / proud
      • Love is not rude / not arrogant
      • Love does not insist on its own / not self seeking
      • It is not irritable / resentful / easily angered
      • Does not keep a record of wrongs / it does not rejoice in the wrong.
      • It rejoices in the right / truth
      • It hopes all things.
      • It believes / trusts all things
      • Never ends
      • It is the greatest gift
      • It bears all things.
        (8 x 1 = 8mks)
    1. Teachings of Jesus on the vine and the branches
      • The vine symbolizes Jesus
      • The branches are the Christians
      • God is the gardener
      • Christians as the branches are to remain united to Christ the vine.
      • Christians are expected to bear fruits, they do so by implementing the teachings of Jesus.
      • Christians should depend on Jesus as the branches depend on the vine.
      • Christians who are faithful to Jesus are assured of anything they ask for
      • They are assured of God’s love if they abide by the commandment of God.
      • Unfaithful Christians are cut off and punished. (4 x 2 = 8mks)
    2. Ways in which Christians demonstrated unity in the early church.
      • They gathered frequently and prayed as a group.
      • They shared things amongst themselves.
      • They sought guidance of the Holy Spirit on matters they could not handle.
      • They chose their leaders wisely.
      • They provided food to the poor amongst themselves
      • They had meals in each other’s homes
      • They would sell their possessions and share proceeds according to individual’s needs.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    3. Measures taken by the church to promote gender equity in the church today.
      • Providing education to women placing them on the same level with men.
      • Sensitize women on their rights.
      • Ordination of women in high leadership position in church.
      • They are involved in preaching the Gospel.
      • Appointing women to lead departments in churches.
      •  They offer guidance and counseling to the youth on originality of sex.
      • Christians teach that men and women complement each other.
      • Women are allowed to initiate projects and programmes in the church.
      • Recognizing the role of women as mothers upon whom the church is built.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)


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