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Discuss six achievements of the East African Community (EAC), 2001.

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  1. It has provided a forum where East African leaders can discuss matters affecting them harmoniously/peacefully.
  2. Tariffs for industrial goods produced in East Africa have been reduced/investment procedures have been eased thereby increasing the volume of trade.
  3. The introduction of the East African passport/opening of borders has eased movements of citizens within member countries.
  4. It has facilitated the improvement and expansion of transport and communication among the member states such as low telephone calling rates.
  5. Professionals/artisans and business people are able to provide services within the community
  6. The law societies in member states formed law society of East Africa which offers legal advice on matters affecting the community
  7. It has promoted trade among member states by encouraging citizens to conduct trade in all member states
  8. There is a functional legislative/Assembly with representatives from the member states who deliberate on matters touching on the community
  9. Enhanced development of industries such as banking (KCB/ Equity)
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