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Explain six challenges which the United Nations faces in its efforts to maintain world peace.

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  1. It lacks a standing army/military as it relies on the goodwill of the member states
  2. There is lack of objectivity in voting by some member states who vote as a block according to their interests.
  3. National interests of individual member states are given more prominence/importance than those of the United Nations.
  4. Inadequate funds as some member states fail to remit their contributions on time thereby hampering its operations.
  5. Meddling into affairs of former colonies among the powerful nations has continued to bring suspicion/mistrust among member states.
  6. Political instability as a result of constant conflicts in many parts of the world undermines the operations of the United Nations/ civil wars/ conflicts between and within countries.
  7. Terrorism in the world has threated efforts to attain international peace.
  8. Inability to implement certain decisions/policies due to use of the veto power.
  9. Ideological differences which have heightened suspicion among member states
  10. Different levels of development among members make some feel disenfranchised/denied development or opportunities/disadvantaged
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