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Outline Isaiah's prophecy on the suffering servant

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  1. The servant will succeed in his work/will be highly honored. 
  2. His success/honor will surprise many who have witnessed his suffering
  3. He will be despised/rejected/ignored by those who are with him.
  4. He will have nothing attractive/will be ordinary/simple 
  5. He will be harshly treated/arrested/ wounded/a man of sorrow
  6. His body will be buried with the bodies of rich men/His grave will be made with the wicked
  7. He will endure all that is done to him in silence.
  8.  The servant will suffer for the sake of others/for our sins. 
  9. Through his suffering human beings are reconciled to God.
  10. It is the will of God for the servant to suffer.
  11. His death will bring forgiveness of sin.
  12. He will be sentenced to death/ killed. 
  13. Through his suffering human beings all be healed/made whole.
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