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Mention 8 reasons why visitors came to East Africa

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Reasons for the coming of explorers

  • To find the source of River Nile.
  • To discover the different lakes on the continent.
  • Some came to find the tall mountains they had heard about.
  • To look for the different types of trading items found in the area.

Reasons for the coming of traders

  • To look for new markets for their goods.
  • To find raw materials they could take back to their countries for processing.
  • To find the sea route to India.
  • To take control of the sea routes which at that time were controlled by the Arabs.
  • The Arab traders wanted to spread Islam.

Reasons for the coming of missionaries

  • To spread Christianity.
  • To discover what was there in Africa.
  • To spread the influence of their home countries in Africa.
  • To stop slave trade.
  • To stop the spread of Islam
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1. To find a sea route to india 
2. To settle in east Africa
3. To trade with east Africans 
4. To civilise east Africans 
5.To spread their religion 
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