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Courage in the face of adversity helps individuals overcome major obstacles. Support this statement drawing illustrations from the story No need to lie.

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Faced by the adversity of a devastating disease in the name of cancer, the narrator courageously battles the illness and triumphs. This is evident from Rolf Schmid’s short story. No need to lie.

-My will power was strong and determined- He thought Rolf, if it is cancer, you can battle an win but if it were AIDS .- ‘I have children, a wife, a business and a future No I am not going to die.'- He prayed and took a deep breath when he went for radiation treatment.

He had an ardent personality.- His ardent personality kept him from giving up.- 'When I was at my lowest, I summoned the faces of my children one by one as a visual reminder of the reasons I had for living.'- He kept telling himself. “you can’t die, not now.”

He came up with an innovative feeding method because he would not eat.- He would go to the bedroom with half inch rubber pipe, insert it in my throat and pour the fluid food and water through it right into his food pipe.- It was painful and torturous but he did it to beat cancer.

He goes through the chemotherapy sessions with courage.- When the doctor tells him he has to go through chemotherapy he comes to terms with it.- He knew how sick it made patients feel, hair loss even going bald.- His friend Alberto tells him his survival and reaction depended on mind over matter.- He decides to prove that cancer is a process that requires a strong will power, food and optimism.


In a nutshell the narrator successfully battles cancer through will power, physical strength and mental strength.

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