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Describe the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. (Luke 19: 28-40)

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  1. Jesus was passing through Bethphage/Bethany/the Mount of Olives.
  2. He sent two of his disciples to get him a colt that had not been sat on.
  3. He told them that if the owner of the colt asked them why they were untying it they were to say that the lord needed it.
  4. The disciples brought the colt/they threw their garments on it/set Jesus upon it.
  5. As Jesus rode on, the people spread their garments on the road.
  6. The multitude began to rejoice/praise God for the mighty works they had seen/blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.
  7. Some Pharisees told Jesus to silence the disciples.
  8. Jesus told them that if the disciples were to be quiet, then the stones would cry out.
  9. The owner of the colt sought to know where it was being taken.
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