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Outline the events that took place from the time Jesus was arrested up to when he was sentenced to death

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  1. Jesus was taken to the house of the high priest.
  2. Peter denied Jesus three times.
  3. Jesus was mocked beaten/blind folded.
  4. Jesus was taken to the Sanhedrin/they made religions accusations against him. 
  5. Jesus was taken to Pilate/they made political accusations
  6.  He was sent to Herod who questioned/ridiculed him.
  7. Jesus was taken back to Pilate/Pilate said that he had not found Jesus guilty.
  8. Pilate had Jesus flogged/beaten.
  9. The crowd shouted that Jesus should be crucified/demanded for the release of Barabbas.
  10. Pilate surrendered Jesus to be crucified.

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