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Explain ways through which the government may protect the consumers

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Methods of Consumer Protection

They are usually of two types

  • Government initiated methods
  • Consumer initiated methods

Government Initiated Methods

  • Food and drug act - They ensure that producers and sellers do not include harmful substances into products sold to the public
  • Public health act - Ensures that products sold are hygienics and of good quality
  • Rents control act - Ensures that tenants are not exploited by landlords
  • Weights and measures act - Ensures that weighing and measuring equipment are accurate and correct
  • Setting up standards - Through KEBS, to ensure that the set standards are kept and maintained by traders and producers
  • Price controls - sets standard prices beyond which essential goods cannot be sold
  • Sale of goods act/trade descriptions act - Ensures that producers do not cheat by providing false information about the products they produce

Government Institutions Involved in Consumer Protection

  • Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) which ensures that the set standards are maintained
  • Business Rent Tribunal which arbitrates on rent disputes between tenants and landlords
  • Department of Weights and Measures

Functions of KEBS

  • Follow up on consumer complaints regarding standards of goods
  • Setting up standards for all goods and services to meet in Kenya
  • Publish information on the standards which goods should have
  • Ensure maintenance of standards by traders
  • Take legal action against traders who sale counterfeit goods and low quality goods
  • Testing samples of goods for quality and standards
Consumer Initiated Methods

Functions of the Kenya Consumer Organization
  • Receive and deal with consumer complaints
  • Educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities
  • Publish information for consumers
  • Work closely with government in promoting consumer interests
  • Presents consumers complaints
  • Take legal actions in the interest of consumers
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