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Outline importance of Hadith

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  • Hadith is part of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) Sunnah and Muslims are commanded by God to follow this Sunnah, together with Quran, as sources for Islam religion teachings and rules.
  • Prophet Muhammad is a true model for human to be followed in all his saying, doings, and practices.
  • Prophet sayings (hadith) give the details, as explained to the prophet by God, of many ritual worships.
  • Prophet sayings (hadith) are sources of many Islam morals, since they help Muslims in determining the prophet way to behave.
  • Prophet sayings (hadith) detail and explain what is briefed in Quran.
  • Help Muslims to be closer to Allah by doing what He wills and abstaining from what He forbids.
  • Give direction on the performance of Sunnah acts.
  • They are a source of knowledge for Muslims.
  • Helps Muslims to know the details regarding the Prophet’s life and teachings.
  • They affirm the position held by the Prophet in Islam.
  • Confirm the Prophet’s teachings on various religious issues.
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Hadithi explains the details of the quran 
It is a source of knowledge and wisdom to muslim
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Source of Islamic sharia.
Source of knowledge. 
Interprete some quranic verses.

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Source of Islamic sharia 
Source of knowledge 
Interprete quranic verses 

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1.It's the second source of islamic sharia.
2.It helps in the growth and development of islamic sharia.
3.Hadith have provided a clear guidance on the code of conduct of Muslims as expected. 
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Interpret quranic verses 
It a second source of Islamic sharia
It a model behavior of a Muslim
It strength the heart of the prophet to allah 
It guides a muslim and  purifies his heart and develop his mind

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