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Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the concept of the vine and the branches

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  1. God is the Vine dresser/gardener.
  2. Jesus is the true vine 
  3. Christians followers are the branches.
  4. Christians are related to God through Jesus.
  5. The unfaithful Christians are like unfruitful branches which are destroyed 
  6. The faithful Christians are like fruitful branches that are pruned so as to produce more fruits.
  7. Just like the branch, Christians can only bear fruit if they remain in Christ for spiritual nourishment. 
  8. Through Jesus all Christians are united.
  9. Christians are called to rely on Jesus for providence/God's love is passed to them through Jesus Christ.
  10. Christians are called to obey God's command/remain faithful to bear more fruit/be productive.
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