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Explain seven causes of bribery and corruption in Kenya today.

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  1. Unemployment - a person seeking employment may give a bribe to be offered a job.
  2. Poverty - a person may give/receive bribes to obtain favour.
  3. Greed for wealth – the desire to get rich quickly may make some people to ask for bribes in order to discharge their duties.
  4. Greed for power – some people give bribes to get promotion/leadership positions.
  5. Lack of morals – poor upbringing/lack of a firm foundation in moral values makes some people to easily accept/give a
  6. Ignorance - some people may not know their right to be given certain services hence give bribes unknowingly.
  7. Fear – people who have committed crime may bribe the authority to escape punishment.
  8. To overcome shame - a person may give a bribe to guard his/her reputation.
  9. Justice system - the process of getting justice is slow/long hence people give bribes for a short cut/hasten the process.
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