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State four measures that have been taken to manage forest in Kenya

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  • Avoiding indiscriminate felling of trees
  • Planting more trees
  • Protecting forests areas from human settlements
  • Developing alternative sources of energy to reduce reliance as wood fuel
  • Educate the public the importance of forest conservation/initiate public awareness programs to sensitize the public on the need to conserve trees.
  • Introduction of maturing trees with short growing periods of time
  • There should be legislation to control tree harvesting of trees
  • The Government should create a department to deal with conservation and management  of forests (Tree Belt Movements)
  • Forest research station should be established to conduct research on new tree species  and diseases affecting trees.
  • Kenyans should be encouraged to use alternative sources of energy other than wood  and recycling of waste paper
  • Forests should be protected from natural hazards/fires through the use of guards
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