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When 4 g of a metal carbonate MCO, was dissolved in 160 cm of 1 M hydrochloric acid and then the resultant solution diluted to one litre, 25.0 cm of this solution required 20.0 cm' of 0.IM sodium hydroxide solutidn for complete neutralisation, calculate: 
(i) The number of moles per litre of excess hydrochloric acid that reacted with sodium hydroxide, NaOH. 

(ii) The number of moles per litre of acid that reacted with the carbonate. 

(iii) The number of moles of carbonate, MCO, that reacted with the acid.

(iv) The formula mass of the carbonate, MCO, (v) The atomic mass of the metal M. (C = 12.0.0 = 16.0)‚Äč

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