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Reasons why Christian's in Kenya should work in unity

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  1. Christians should work in unity to serve as role models/be examples to be emulated.
  2. In order to promote oneness in Christ.
  3. In order to realize effective ministry/evangelism. 
  4. So that they can have a common stand in dealing with issues that affect the society/promote development. 
  5. To share the scarce resources/minimize expenses.
  6. In order to adapt a common attitude towards the integration of African culture into worship.
  7. To prevent the germination of splinter groups/cults/sects.
  8. So as to emulate the unity of the early church/the trinity.
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To be role models
To emulate the unity of the early church
To prevent formation of splinter groups
To share the scarce resources in the country
To promote oneness in Christ
To minimize internal wrangling among people 
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To promote unity and harmony

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Becous the bible says so
So that we can help ech ethere
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