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Reasons why Christians are not able to keep the law of God 

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  1. Sinful Nature: The Bible teaches that all people are sinners and have a tendency to rebel against God's laws (Romans 3:23). This sinful nature can make it difficult for Christians to obey God's commands consistently.
  2. Lack of Understanding: Christians may not have a clear understanding of God's laws and what it means to live according to his will. This can lead to confusion and inconsistent obedience.
  3. Temptation: Christians are constantly faced with temptations and pressures to sin, and may struggle to resist these temptations and follow God's laws.
  4. Weakness: Christians are not immune to physical, emotional, or mental weaknesses, which can make it difficult to obey God's laws.
  5. Pride: Christians may be proud and resist admitting their failures, which can prevent them from confessing their sin and seeking God's forgiveness.
  6. Distractions: Christians may be distracted by the things of the world and lose focus on their spiritual life, making it difficult to obey God's laws.
  7. they don't take enough time to study the Bible and understand God's strategy to power over sin. 
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