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Describe eight types of micro-catchments used in water conservation.

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  1. Negarim micro attachments  
    • Are closed grid diamond shape or open-ended 'Vs' formed by constructing small earth ridges with infiltration pits for purpose of collecting water
  2. Contour bunds
    • These are earth bunds constructed along the contours and are spaced 5-10cm apart
  3. Contour ridges
    • Are small earth ridges constructed along contours ND ARE SPACED 1.5 - 5cm apart and are used to conserve water
  4. Semi-circular bunds
    • These are semi-circular shaped earth bunds with tips, constructed along contour. Used in rangeland hence appropriate for pasture and tree planting
  5. Trapezoidal bunds
    • Are earth bunds which are trapezoidal in shape. they capture surface flow and allows the excess, water to overflow around wing tips
  6. Contour stone bunds
    • Formed by heaping small stones along the contour to slow surface flow and filter eroded soil.
  7. Rock dams.
    • Constructed across valleys to slow surface flow
  8. Water spreading bunds
    • They are used to divert water from watercourse onto crops or pasture
  9. Planting pits
    • There are extra large planting holes where water from the surrounding collect around the plant base
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