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Lack of money has consequences in society, Write an essay to validate this assertion basing your argument on A Doll's House

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-Nora used lies by forging the father's signature in order to secure a loan to save her husband's life.
-Nora uses lies by presenting herself as being a spent thrift in order to raise money for the loan payment from Torvald. She plays with Torvald's psychology.
-Nora locked up herself during the winter and did odd jobs behind her husband's knowledge inorder to raise more money for the loan.
- Nora buys second hand clothes and cuts down on upkeep money given to her for the house use to raise money to pay theloan
-When Nora discovers that Krogstard had dropped the letter letter revealing the truth about the loan, she uses lies to distract Torvald from reading the letter by convincing him that she wanted him to help her in training her movements.
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