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State and explain the elements of weather.

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Temperature -this hotness or coldness of a given place
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Elements of weather

  • Temperature
    It is the degree of sensible heat within the atmosphere, the suns energy is transmitted inform of short waves rays in a process called insulation or solar radiation
  • Humidity
    Is the condition of the atmosphere with references to its water vapour content
  • Precipitation
    The forms in which the earth’s surface receives moisture.
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Wind
  • Sunshine
  • Cloud cover
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1.Atmospheric pressure  _ weight exerted by vertical column of air

2.temperature _degree of hotness or coldness of a place 
3.humidity_ amount of water vapor presence in the atmosphere
4.sunshine _ rays of sun reaching the earth surface
5.precipitation _ general term used to describe the form of moisture which fall from the atmosphere 

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