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Explain nine qualities of an ideal brooder for day old chicks.

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  1. Litter: should be inform of wood shavings to maintain warmth and absorb moisture
  2. Fresh air/ventilation: should have holes for ventilation on the walls to allow proper gaseous exchange
  3. Heat source - a heat source be provided and controlled to maintain correct temperature within the broader.
  4. Well lit – to allow chicks to see feeds and water.
  5. Dim light is recommended as bright light blinds the chicks and enhances toe pecking
  6. Have adequate waterers; and feeders; to allow for proper feeding and watering of chicks without overcrowding
  7. Shape of the brooder : should be round in shape to avoid chicks overcrowding at the corners
  8. Fresh feed and water:
  9. Some feeds should be put on newspapers on the floor until chicks learn to feed from the feeders
  10. Have adequate feeders- to allow for proper feeding without overcrowding
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