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Ways in which the birth and life of Jesus was going to be extraordinary according to the Angel Gabriel

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  • Angel Gabriel called Mary ‘the favored one’
  • Jesus will be great
  • Jesus will be called the son of the Most High
  • God will give Jesus the throne of His Ancestor David
  • Jesus will rein over the House of Jacob forever
  • On Jesus Kingdom, there will be no end
  • Mary would receive the power of the Holy spirit that would impregnate her and therefore the child to be born would be holy 
  • He was born and laid on a manger even though he was a king
  • His birth was announced by angel Gabriel
  • He was born of a virgin
  • His birth was first revealed first to the shepherds
  • He was given a name before he was born
  • The angels sang in praise of God during his birth
  • His future role was given before he was born
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