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Explain five measures that the government may take to solve youth unemployment in Kenya.

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  1. Adoption of relevant/changing/improving education system that equips the youth with relevant skills/training (e.g. Artisan, carpentry, masonry)/makes the youth employable 
  2. Adoption of policies that encourage use of appropriate labor intensive methods of production to use/employ/ absorb/ more labor/increase job opportunities 
  3. Diversification of economic activities that provide variety of production activities(e.g mixed agriculture, ICT.) / by encouraging/establishing different industries/ sectors
  4. Increasing Government spending in projects that employ the youth/kazi kwa vijana  (accept of government projects as expansion/ which expands size of economy, relevant e.gs)
  5. Partner with the private sector to steer community based projects/that involve the youth.
  6. Encourage maximum/better/full utilization of available (natural) resource to increase production
  7. Encouraging rural development/activities in order to attract firms/minimize rural-urban migration,
  8. Improve Infrastructure in order to stimulate economic activities.
  9. Control population Growth, so as to have a labor force that the economy can absorb/sustain
  10. Export labor by assisting the unemployed youth) to acquire jobs abroad/countries with labor deficiencies.
  11. Lending/setting up a firm to assist the unemployed to start income generating activities.  
  12. Protect local industries ( from foreign competition) so that they can expand/absorb more labor
  13. Encourage/promote the informal sector, juakali sector in order to promote self employment.
  14. Delocalization/decentralization of firms that reduces rural urban migration /increased Job opportunities in any - part & the country/any value addition can be awarded.
  15. Income wage policy to harmonize/eliminate differences between regions/sectors
  16. Attract local/foreign Investment to grow the economy/increase production activities
  17. Revive collapsed firms/industries/projects to increase production activities/ by injecting more funds to collapsed industries/firms
  18. Establish employment policy to make it easy for the youths to get jobs/ accept e.gs of employment policies as a mention.
  19. Setting up vocational/IVET Institutions to train youths on practical skills.
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