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Explain five reasons for consumer protection.

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  1. Unfair pricing by traders who may overcharge them.
  2. To protect them from consuming low/poor/inferior quality goods i.e sale of counterfeits(instead of the original goods) that do not meet the set standards 
  3. Misleading/false information advertising(about products) which may give wrong impression about the product/cheat on the performance of the product
  4. Unsafe structures/construction of substandard structures/buildings that endanger/ threaten life of consumers/that do not meet minimum safety standards.
  5. Artificial shortages/(hoarding) usually meant to increase prices/deny consumers access to goods/services
  6. Unhygienic/expired/harmful products e.g. selling skin lightening creams to ignorant client/that are unfit for consumptions/can cause damaged/problems to consumers. Accept mention of harmful products as expansion
  7. Breach of Contract Failure to honour contracts on the part of traders/unfair repossession of goods harassment by traders
  8. Underweight/undersized goods/services - where some traders sell goods below the weight/size paid for/give less service to consumers/cheat consumers on the weight/size of the goods
  9. Socially unacceptable goods services some traders sell offensive goods /services that harm the morality of society (accept examples of socially unacceptable goods/services as a mention)
  10. Illegal goods/ services some traders are unlicensed/unprofessional/unqualified to provide some goods/services.
  11. Unhygienic environment/premises some traders sell goods/services under dirty/unclean/unhealthy conditions that can affect the health of consumers contaminated goods/services
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