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Explain five benefits of intermediaries to the consumer in the chain of distribution.

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  1. Breaking of bulk/split goods into smaller quantities that can be conveniently purchased by consumers.
  2. Passing of(important) information/feedback (between consumers and producers) which improves the quality of goods produced/price/availability/usage (accept any relevant information about the good as expansion.
  3. Accumulation of bulk to ensure a steady supply of goods (throughout the years)/satisfy large consumers
  4. Avails a variety of goods (to the consumers)from different producer/ that consumers can choose from/to satisfy different tastes
  5. They offer advisory services to the consumers.) about the goods in the market/usage/price/availability (accept relevant advisory services as expansion)
  6. Prepare goods for sale (to the benefit of consumers.) through branding/packaging/sorting/grading/blending
  7. Avail goods closer to the consumers which relieves/saves the consumers the cost of traveling/ transport time
  8. Provide storage warehousing. enabling the consumers to get goods at the time they need them/in good condition (accept other benefits of warehousing to the consumers as expansion.
  9. Promote/Advertises goods that creates awareness of availability/existence of good/that makes the consumers make informed choice/decision when buying goods.
  10. Selling goods on credit. enabling consumers to afford more/expensive goods.
  11. Offers transport, which relieves the consumer of transporting goods/transport cost.
  12. Offers other sale services to enhance product usage/ increase customers satisfaction (accept consumer examples of other sale services
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